Getting an employment visa in 2021

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There are many opportunities waiting in Singapore because of the different businesses present here. Singapore is one of the best places to conduct your business operations and apply for all kinds of jobs. They also offer easy business registration and employment visa applications. 


This country has always been considered to be one of the most successful economies in the world. That is because of the existence of the biggest corporations from all kinds of industries. These companies extend their benefits to the workforce. They open all kinds of jobs to different kinds of people or professionals. 


Job vacancies in Singapore are ranging from Executive positions to unskilled job vacancies. That is why Singapore issues employment visa depending on the job and individual is applying for. Professionals can get the employment pass why or unskilled to semi-skilled individuals can reply for the work permit Singapore visa.


The different kinds of visa present different advantages to foreign individuals. If you are interested in applying for an employment pass or work permit Singapore visa here are the things that you have to know. 

Available visas for foreigners

Work permit Singapore visa

As mentioned above there are specific kinds of visas to match the skill set of the applicant. The work permit Singapore visa is intended for unskilled to semi-skilled candidates. 


The requirements for this employment visa depend on the sector that an applicant is going to work in. Sectors that would fall under the work permit Singapore application are construction, Marine shipyard, Process, And services. 


It is required that the sponsor company is the one who will apply for the employment visa. The company should make sure that they followed all the regulations Under the sector that they are in. Companies who are not legally registered under their given sectors cannot apply for a work permit Singapore visa for their employees. 


It is also best to remember that there is a foreign worker quota when it comes to applying for this employment visa. A certain ratio of local employees to foreign employees should be followed for Singapore to allow employment visa applications. 

Employment pass

This visa is the one issued to working professionals. For individuals who are working on the level of executive or managerial job positions then they should apply for this employment visa. Individuals who have a specialized job offer on the same level can also apply for the employment pass. 


One of the requirements of this visa is to have a job offer in any Singapore and registered company. The individual should be earning at least $4500 on the date of their application. They should also have a good university degree as they are applying for a high-level job vacancy. 


Older candidates are also required to have a higher salary and more experience when applying for this visa. There are many benefits attached to the employment pass that is why more professionals are going for it. 

S pass

Mid-skilled foreign candidates are also encouraged to apply for the S pass. This visa required candidates to have at least 2500 monthly salary when they apply. Just like the employment pass, they are required to have a job offer from any Singapore company to qualify for this visa. 


Individuals who have a degree are preferred when applying for this visa. However, Singapore accepts diplomas or training certificates that are relevant to the job.  The certificate should be equivalent to one year worth of academic study. 


In addition to the advantages of putting in Singapore, S pass holders can enjoy health care coverage such as medical insurance. They also have a chance to bring their family members to Singapore as they can apply for a visa as well. 

Advantages of working in Singapore

It is also important to know the advantages or benefits that you can get once you work in Singapore. There are many things and other opportunities waiting in this country that is why many foreigners apply for a visa. If you want to know more, here are some of the advantages of working here. 

#1 High quality of living

Singapore is considered to have one of the highest qualities of living in the world. They offer comprehensive health care coverage and one of the best educational curriculums. Interested foreign individuals can enjoy these benefits depending on the employment visa that they have.


Work permit Singapore holders can enjoy health care coverage through medical insurance from their employer. While the family members of the other visa holders can enjoy a high standard education by applying for a visa themselves. 


#2 Diverse culture

A lot of people from across the world live in Singapore. You can find people from Europe, Africa, and Asia. On top of that, Singapore is a tourist attraction. So there are a lot of things to do and see especially for a country that is as small as Singapore.

#3 Work permit Singapore

Singapore is famous for having a more relaxed employment policy. It is highly recommended for people that want to work in Singapore with a work permit Singapore. This is because it is a lot easier to get approved for a work permit. For example, there are a lot of people from Europe that will go through less hassle to get a work permit in Singapore compared to Europe.

#4 Financial freedom

Financial freedom is something that a lot of people desire. Singapore is one of those countries that will give you that financial freedom. It is one of those countries that are known for having a low tax. 

#5 Multicultural environment

One of the biggest things that people look for to work abroad is a multicultural environment. Singapore has the multicultural environment that you are looking for. They have more than 3 million foreign workers and citizens.

#6 Good living conditions

Singapore is a country that focuses on taking good care of its citizens. This is because they have a very low crime rate. So you will find that in Singapore, the living conditions are very good compared to other countries.

Apply today


If you want to secure an employment visa or a work permit Singapore pass then you are in the right place. Ren Ai Group helps foreigners process these kinds of visas. Contact us today to know the details. 


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