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There is an app for everything. For booking a taxi, we have an app for that. If you are having food cravings, we have an app for that as well. To have a salon service at home, we have an app that allows you to book services online. But do we have an app that helps you contact a car mechanic when you are stuck in the middle of the road? Here, in this blog, we will be discussing useful features and other essential things that an on-demand car repair service app should have.

In the fast pacing digitally-driven world, no one has sufficient time to take their cars to the mechanic shop and wait for hours to get their cars repaired. But with an on-demand car repair service app, you can have a hassle-free mechanic service at your doorsteps.

Now, let us see how the Uber for mechanic app works?

The basic workflow of car repair service app


The app is built in such a way that helps users log into the app by entering their credentials or by using social media accounts.

Search & Filter options

The user searches for experienced professionals as per their repairing requirements. They can activate filters to give better results.


The service seeker can either request immediate service or schedule the appointment at a particular date and time.

Matching is found

As per the user’s location, they will be shown their nearby service providers within seconds.


Using the in-app navigation feature, the user can track the service provider’s location and further assist them with the in-app messaging facility.

Get your cars repaired

The service provider arrives at the user’s location and embarks on the repairing tasks after a thorough inspection.

In-app payment

After the car repairing service is completed, the user inspects the work and pays for the service offered by using multiple payment gateways available in the app.

Feedback column

The Uber for car repair service app allows users to rate and give reviews for the availed mechanic services as per their discretion.

How developing an app benefits car owners?

The major benefit is that they provide users all the information they need, thus reducing the need to perform web browsing to gather the details about a type of car repair or car maintenance service, which is time-consuming.

Whatever the problem is, whether it requires a brake inspection, oil change, or a specific car repair service, they can obtain all the information they require from the car service app. In the app, users can also compare the charges applied and are given the flexibility to choose the best price that suits their budget and select after considering factors like the amount of time to be taken to complete the work and the quality of the service offered.

How does it benefit your business?

For businesses, having an app for car repairing services helps boost visibility by getting a wide range of users they might not have discovered by themselves. Having to get more users leads to a better opportunity to do your business. Added, this app helps your business get potential customers by connecting them seamlessly with the required service providers to create a sense of trust and credibility in the business transaction.

Appdupe provide remarkable solutions that encompass all the crucial modules that ensure your online service business reach new heights effectively.

What do we offer in the Mechanic Service app solution?

We provide apps not only for users. Here, apps for different stakeholders like users, mechanics, and the admin are developed. Besides, to improve and expand your business, they develop eye-catchy websites as well.

App for Users

The white-labeled app for users helps to connect with the professional and expert mechanics nearby in real-time.

Users can schedule or book the repairing for cars parked at their home, office, etc.

App for Mechanics

The remarkable app for mechanics is built in a way that connects service providers with users. It is incorporated with unique features. Certified mechanics in the app can connect and reach the user’s given location.

App for Admin 

This admin dashboard provides a God’s eye view meaning the entire business operations are managed and monitored here.

Well-crafted website

They develop a website integrated with the company brand name, logo, and other essential information for instant recognition among the online community. The creatively developed website caters to all vehicle repair requests like oil changes, wheel balancing, AC repair, etc.

Power-packed features to include in your car repair service app

Clear pricing

When comparing the price in on-demand apps to the local shops, the price mentioned in the app is affordable and transparent.

Real-time tracking of mechanics

Time is a key factor when developing any apps. Hence, tracking the requested mechanics’ location and knowing their ETA is a needed feature in this car repair app. This remarkable feature allows users to guide mechanics to their place if required.

In-app payment

This on-demand car service app is integrated with several payment gateways, enabling seamless transactions.

Advanced search filters

This feature in the app allows car owners to select the type of service they need, based on the user’s convenient time to do the car repairing service.

Multilingual and multi-currency support

Your business growth cannot be stopped due to the language barrier and currency problem. Hence, this app is built with the multi-language and currency option available in the car service app, thus helping you expand your business globally.

In-app chat

To clarify any doubts about the services, it is mandatory to have a conversation. So, the in-app messaging feature is included, allowing car owners and mechanics to have a chat in the app regarding the services.

Fare estimation

Before booking an appointment, it is a basic need for users to know the estimated fare for the service selected. Hence, ensure to include an in-app fare estimate feature, enabling owners to know the approximate cost.

Automated bill generation

The clone app for car repair service app is built to give detailed invoices, post each service via an app and be shared with the car owners.

Closing Thoughts,

Have you ever thought of building and launching your own app for mechanics? Invest your business ideas in building an on-demand mechanic app development with Appdupe having all these features and give your business the flexibility to add other features because they offer a white-labeled app.

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