Get the Expert Opinion Between Online and Classroom Teaching

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Online learning is now becoming the panacea to the education industry – thanks to COVID-19!

Perhaps, if you’d ask people to put their opinions between online and classroom teaching, the probable answer might be the classroom teaching setup.

The reason being, you can have face-to-face interaction between both the teacher and the student. This helps the teacher understand where the student is facing difficulty during the learning process. More importantly, the teacher will be available to attend to the needs of every student.

But hey, things have changed. Due to the pandemic outbreak, education management had to take certain steps. Most educators had to shift to an online mode of teaching-learning overnight.

Most of the educational institutions were skeptical about shifting entirely toward the online mode of learning, but as the World Health Organization declared the situation a pandemic, these institutions had no other choice than to shift the way they teach.

The COVID-19 crisis has forced many schools, colleges, and universities to shut down temporarily. As per the research and the present scenario, it is unlikely to get back to normal teaching and learning anytime soon.

As a result, e-learning has risen wherein teaching and learning are now undertaken remotely using digital platforms.

According to a report by Burbio, around 60 percent of students will be attending schools virtually. While 19 percent can opt for in-person attendance and 18 percent will be splitting their time for remote learning.

Here’s how online education now offers access to learning to all:

Developing a strong support system

To ensure online learning and teaching works efficiently, both the teacher and the student needs to learn how to use digital platforms.

To make online education properly functional, schools will now need to establish a robust support system for the faculty members along with the students.

For instance, the faculty must undergo training programs to stay adept with the latest online learning tools to make interaction with the students more active. While students need to be provided with a wide range of support services to keep them thriving to learn more.

Organize a special unit responsible for online program development

Creating a sturdy online learning strategy is the first and foremost priority for the education system. Having a dedicated team that can take care of developing the skills of the faculty members, getting them trained with the latest tools, can help develop a high-quality curriculum and in-demand courses.

Support of the institution

From deans to the chairman, the institution needs strong support at all levels. It is important to bring on board senior leaders who can actually talk about the e-learning vision while taking online education to the next level.

This includes the integration of online strategy with the institutions’ vision and mission. Besides this, an informational campaign would help along by also having a fully self-supporting program.

However, this could be challenging for those who have no access to the right technology. Online learning can be effective in multiple ways only if taken the right route. A recent report says that online learning helps the student retain nearly 25 to 60 percent more material as compared to the 8 to 10 percent of classroom teaching. Students are likely to learn faster online, also the time required to learn consumes around 40 to 60 percent of the students’ time as compared to the traditional classroom setting. Nonetheless, online learning is now being adopted by many institutions and universities.

In conclusion

The pandemic crisis has led to the revolution of e-learning. All around the world, schools, universities, and colleges have started leveraging online learning and teaching thus, changing the education landscape for the better. 

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