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Not just for ladies, but also for men, Pakistani shoe fashion has come a long way. Gone are the days when men wore khaki pants, white shirts, and black shoes as an unofficial uniform. In Pakistan, men’s shoes are now available in the same range as women’s shoes. Following the COVID-19 lockdowns, most brands in Pakistan are now offering this service to their clients.

CAT footwear is one of the most renowned brands in Pakistan that has made its mark as market leaders in the footwear industry over the recent years. CAT footwear primarily focuses on modern and durable styling. Moreover work boots are commonly seen being manufactured by CAT. Every person that wears CAT has their own story in breaking the ground – the earthmovers.

Every man, woman, and child should discover the ideal pair of shoes to wear on any given day or for a certain occasion. Whether they go for a classic, conventional pair or something more casual or distinctive. People wishing to buy shoes online may now do it with ease thanks to ecommerce. You can shop for ladies shoes online from a variety of companies. Pakistan, Pakistani baggage, Pakistani baggage, Pakistani baggage, Pakistani baggage, Pakistan

Caterpillar began as a small collection of work boots, it now has grown to become a proper lifestyle brand that makes Men Shoes and other accessories like travel bags. Caterpillar is sold in nearly 150 countries worldwide. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a tough day. With CAT you’ll feel the real difference.

CAT always gets an overwhelming response against their newly launched collections. Their shoes have maintained their persona of staying perfect for rough and tough occasions and expeditions. Caterpillar is the first ever brand for shoes for men in Pakistan that is still making such high quality, long-lasting, and durable shoes/boots. It’s hard to make a choice these days, as we’re living in the modern, technologically advanced world. The same reputation can be seen that still remains for CAT. They have strived hard to maintain their brand’s image as we all know that Caterpillar shoes are could easily last numerous years.

As winter approaches, the demand for men’s shoes has skyrocketed. The following are the top shoe brands in Pakistan where you can get the greatest shoes online.

CAT offers a diverse selection of shoe designs. Formals, their unique range, moccasins, casual, at leisure, sneakers, slippers, sandals, and slides are all available to purchase.

When it comes to formals, Fighter, Rider, Natalini, Lotus, Speed, and Gibson are just a few of the brands available. There are also more to come in the same heading.

Moving on to their main categories, if you are shopping online and looking to buy boots in Pakistan. The first option to pop-up will be of Caterpillar. they take honor and pride in producing:

·         Work Boots

·         Steel Toe

·         Casual Shoes

·         Sandals

·         Slippers

Under the work boots, you will find out what true durability means. The shoe not only has possessed a decent look but it serves its purpose well enough. If we talk about the comfort you get in these type of shoes, it is similar to the one of an athletic shoe. Their work boots are slip resistant as well.

Steel Toe are of the same style and contain the same design as of the work boots. These are hiking style boots with the strength of a steel toe.

The casual shoes Caterpillar makes are highly soft and breathable but they have a durable rubber outsole for traction and that also helps to sustain the durability factor.

Their Sandals are built upon the cement construction made with soft fabric lining that supports long-wearing comfort with again the durable rubber outsole for its traction.

The slippers are made with the same technology and comprises of the same soft stretch fabric and the durable rubber outsole for traction.

They have an amazing new arrivals list which is on their display these days, where you can see their latest designs for shoes, boots, sandals, slippers with prices starting from RS 4390/- and goes up till RS 17995/-.

Cat footwear is believed to have a ten percent market share among Pakistan’s leading footwear manufacturers. Because the ecommerce industry in the country is booming. As a large number of customers now have access to buy their desired things online, there is a movement towards the digital side (doing a business online).

CAT is one of the firms that pioneered online shoe buying in Pakistan with free home delivery and has seen tremendous success. This is why their customer base continues to grow stronger and larger. These customers are kept up to speed on the latest styles, colors, and innovations that Cat introduces with their ultimate collection.

Compared to the other brands for shoes for men in Pakistan the prices are a bit higher than the other brands, but CAT always keep its words for staying classy, with a touch of modern and they claim that the features that a Caterpillar shoe contains cannot be found elsewhere.

It is the best choice for every person that can afford CAT.

Under their accessories line-up you can find your travel essentials by choosing from their amazing collection of backpacks with different styles, and available in different colors. Not only this you can see travel bags as well that contains so much functionality in itself.

Now is the perfect time to shop for CAT shoes as online shopping in Pakistan is at rise and it’s not hard to find discounts during their sale events so a shoe you might be thinking is out of your price range can now cater your needs as it might falls under your budget.

Simply find the nearest Caterpillar Store or shop online and be blown away by their amazing shoe and accessories collection. You can also become an earthmover with CAT by entering your email address onto their website. This will give you access to receive their latest styles, perks and promos.

For more information regarding shoes visit our CAT footwear Pakistan website now and select the best shoes for you.

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