Get Rid of Weak Signals Using Signal Boosters

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The modern world has helped with the human desire to stay connected through the invention of mobile phones and the internet. India and Indians have always focussed on staying connected, and it shows with the huge online presence of Indians over the internet. This easy access to the internet through a phone’s data has ensured that millions of people can avail numerous facilities available over the internet. As a result, it is almost unthinkable for most to be disconnected from this growing network. 

In fact, strong mobile connections have become something of a necessity these days. The internet has connected humanity to numerous services that would have otherwise required human interaction. The presence of the internet combined with cellular devices have made sure to make life easier. The convenience of these facilities through apps and the internet means that even the thought of staying disconnected seems like a foreign idea. However, the recent surge in cell phone users means that cellular infrastructure is buckling under the load. One of the reasons for people losing connectivity either cellular network or data is due to this load.

There are of course many other reasons why someone might face interruptions in connectivity. No one however likes interruptions when it comes to streaming shows or playing games online. Yet, there are numerous reasons why someone might encounter spotty connectivity. Reasons may range from natural barriers to signal, to network congestion and mishandled prioritisation by cell towers. It is not always possible to solve a connectivity issue with an alternative solution. Signal interfering objects can be moved, but tall buildings surrounding a residence can not be. 


Signal Boosting Myths


The only answer that provides an all-around solution to this is a signal booster. Using principles of physics these amplifiers increase the strength of mobile signals for cellular devices to work with seamless connectivity. Even so, throughout the years, there have been many pretenders to the throne claiming to amplify mobile signals. Most of them were of course hoaxes and didn’t work. These fake amplifiers have of course eroded the trust of people in such technologies. With that, there has been no end to rumours, both old and new, that still get in the way of the facts. To ensure that people do not give in to false information, here are some of the fakes separated from the truth of the matter:

Boosting signals? But they interfere with cellular networks!


Fact – Actually it does not. Here’s why – radio signal frequencies. Every network signal out there provided by network carriers uses its own frequencies. Well, they are permitted to broadcast signals on specific channels they have to register on, and no other carrier can utilize that channel. This ensures that network signals stay free from interference from each other. In fact, cellular devices aren’t the only things using radio frequencies. There are devices like walkie-talkies, television, and even some medical equipment. Even wireless networks use radio frequencies to communicate with each other. So, even though a signal amplifier manipulates a carrier signal, it does so to boost it, and not interfere with it. Anyone worrying that other carrier signals will be interrupted should put that worry to rest. Even the existing wireless internet signals won’t be disturbed. Isn’t a cell phone signal booster amazing?


Signal boosting is obviously fake, right?


Fact – If it is possible by the laws of physics why would anyone think it’s fake? Well, obviously not everyone has had a heartbreak here. Usually, disbelief sets in when facts are proven wrong. So what’s the disbelief about exactly? Well, there was a time when small gadgets and stickers were sold in the name of boosting signal quality for cell phones. In fact, one may still find these golden stickers that claim to boost signal quality. If anything is learned from online reviews and rants on the internet forums, these stickers are just a money sink. Obviously, people think signal amplifiers are fake. Honestly, though, boosting signals require complex equipment for amplification which a golden sticker won’t obviously help provide. Boosting signal is definitely real and is widely used to increase the range of signals.


Why use cell phone signals when there’s wifi?

Fact – Most people indeed have access to an internet connection through cable connections at home. As a result, it’s easier to set up wireless access points through routers. However, due to several factors, the wifi signal can be affected negatively. The presence of microwave ovens for instance can interfere with wifi internet connectivity. So why be limited by spotty wifi connections when mobile data performs better. Even routers have a limited range, and only the most expensive routers can perform better with a moderate range. There’s also the factor of positioning the router. And a host of other problems. A signal amplification device on the other hand eliminates that need completely.


How Signal Amplification Actually Works


Boosting a cellular signal is not a hoax as some might think. It simply uses the laws of physics to make the signals stronger by repeatedly increasing the decibel strength of the signal. Yes, that decibel, which is usually associated with audio and sound. The amplified signal is then simply directed towards the location that needs the boosted signals. The amplification of cellular signals uses the same principle. 


A signal amplifier depends on two other aspects to do its job. One aspect is the antenna that catches any signal from external sources. Now an amplifier only works if there is a signal present outside, regardless of whether it is strong or weak. The signal is then repeatedly run through the amplifier to increase its decibel quality to acceptable levels. It’s then broadcasted outwards for use. Signal boosting devices of course have their own range, and as a result, the amplification will work only while in that range. Depending on the frequencies that the booster helps with, any cellular network using the same frequencies will be amplified as well.




Nowadays people use cellular data for more than basic calls. There’s even internet connectivity available through data that makes these portable devices even more powerful. Network carriers have even gone as far as providing cheaper access to calls and data charges. As seen in the last few years, most people have become attached to this level of access to the internet. Growing subscriber count also means unreliable service quality in some quarters of the country, which is understandable. With so much reliance on the internet to connect people to each other and businesses, however, signal availability matters a lot to most. This is the reason more people need to know that there are options and alternatives to solve their problems. Cellular signal amplifiers may be the only solution for the moment. Hence, no myths should get in the way of the facts.

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