Get Cancer Treatment Done with Medical Marijuana

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Get Cancer Treatment Done with Medical Marijuana 

More states continue to implement medical cannabis laws for treating certain health medical conditions and symptoms. In particular, it’s purported to help those living with cancer to alleviate the side effects caused by the treatment. But since there’s a lack of adequate clinical evidence, many physicians advise cancer patients to recommend you to proceed with care.

In addition, the active element in cannabis – THC, has some effects that ease chronic pain, controls nausea, and increases appetite. Thus, it makes marijuana cancer treatment an excellent option for managing effects from cancer therapy.

Your doctor may prescribe the derived synthetic form of THC (dronabinol) and its FDA-approved for safety and effectiveness. Some studies show that most analyzed oncology providers believe that MMJ can effectively benefit cancer patients. And doctors advise that cannabis can combine it with other treatments. Keep reading to learn more about cannabis and cancer.

Medical Cannabis and Cancer

Although the research is limited, studies done in patients undergoing cancer therapy indicate that MMJ helps manage some side effects. They include the following; 

Nausea and Vomiting – It’s a common side effect experienced by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Marijuana cancer treatment can help to reduce nausea and vomiting and, in particular, an FDA-approved Dronabinol. It’s a synthetic cannabinoid that effectively manages sickness, which allows cancer patients to increase appetite.

Chronic Pain – Although opioid is known to alleviate pain effectively, marijuana works the same for cancer patients. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory effects that can benefit those living with cancer. Find out from your physician if your treatment plan can include both cannabis and opioids.

Nerve Damage – If you’re undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, you’re likely to experience nerve damage. It’s characterized by a sensation of burning in both your hands and feet, tingling, numbness, and feeling weaker. Marijuana cancer treatment offers relief for patients suffering from neuropathy.

Loss of Appetite – Most cancer patients unintentionally lose weight, which causes fatigue-reducing their ability to function. Cannabis can help improve your appetite. Many states that allow MMJ approve it for this condition.

Slows Down Some Tumor Growth – More studies will be required to realize this exciting ability to improve symptoms. However, marijuana cancer treatment may effectively stop or slow down the growth of some particular tumors. 

Medical Cannabis Laws

You must familiarize yourself with MMJ laws in your state. Different states have different laws that regulate dispensing of marijuana cancer treatment and qualifying health conditions. Therefore, cancer patients should first register with the MMJ programs and get ID cards to purchase medical cannabis. And remember, marijuana’s law differs from state to state, so the MMJ and ID cards should not be transported or used out of state.

Valuable Tips for Beginners

If your state allows medical cannabis and you live with cancer, you may want to give it a try. But, unfortunately, most patients have no clue where to start. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips to get you started.

Use the Whole Plant: The two significant components of cannabis include THC, which produces the ‘high’ effect, and CBD that contains anti-inflammatory. Both parts have various health benefits, and using the whole plant will ensure that you don’t miss out. In addition, the active ingredient in CBD tends to balance out the ‘high’ effect of THC. In some states, most marijuana cancer treatment products consist of a one-to-one ratio of both components.

Addition to Your Treatment Plan: With the limited research on cannabis as a treatment, it’s best not to think of it as a cure. Yes, it can effectively manage several symptoms of some severe medical conditions, so add it to your medical regimen. And you must continue consulting with your oncologist on what medication works well together.

Vaping, the Fast Delivery Method: Your physician will advise you on different ways to use cannabis. Vaping and smoking happen to be the quickest method to deliver medical marijuana cancer treatment. Compared to other methods used, vaping yields results in the fastest within five to ten minutes. However, most certified doctors will not recommend the smoking method due to the release of carcinogens that pose health hazards.

It’s particularly beneficial to immediate relief from severe pain, nausea, and vomiting. Taking edibles can take thirty to sixty minutes or even longer depending on an individual and should be reserved for insomnia.

Be Patient: If you’re new to medical cannabis, doctors recommend that you be patient, go slow, and start with a low dosage. For instance, if you use the vaping method, you should start with one puff of the flower with low THC. Then wait for twenty minutes and see how you react. On the other hand, if taking an edible, the THC ingredient should be at least 2.5mg or below. Count two hours and see how you feel before proceeding to take more. It’s worth noting that you might not feel anything for the first day.

Keep Your Oncologist in the Know: It’s important to let your doctor know that you’re using marijuana cancer treatment. They may be able to direct you to an experienced cannabis doctor. In addition, they may advise if the medication you’re on will interact with MMJ. And if taking any blood thinner, your doctor may advise you not to use cannabis.

Get a Reputable Dispensary: Although your health provider will be in a position to refer you to a reputable dispensary, it’s crucial to research carefully. While some states employ well-trained professionals, others have clueless people selling MMJ. Don’t hesitate to find out about the employee’s level of know-how on cannabis for cancer patients. It’ll help you feel comfortable about purchasing marijuana cancer treatment from them. And you can ask for a recommendation for particular products and strains that will be a good fit for you.

Trial and Error: You must find the right strain that will work for your health condition. Trying different hybrids and strains will help you find the best fit for you, as they produce other effects. Some states allow patients to plant cannabis, find out if it’s legal where they live.

In Conclusion, the chemicals found in cannabis, known as cannabinoids, can be sprayed under the tongue, taken by mouth, or inhaled. They include; pain relief, loss of appetite, anxiety, nausea, and vomiting. Medical marijuana cancer treatment continues to be a study for managing adverse effects caused by cancer. If you’re a cancer patient, consider consulting with your doctor today to know cannabis benefits and harms.

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