Gantt Chart Review; Is the Software Worth the Cost?

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About Gantt Chart 

Gantt chart software is incredibly popular and has been around since the 19th century when Polish engineer Karol Adamiecki laid the foundation for it! However, it was due to Henry Gantt, as his name already hints at who popularized the software for what it is today. In this day and age, Gantt charts are automated but Henry Gantt devised the system which is still followed today. The software is well known around the world for a number of reasons. The main is how convenient it makes everything for you. In this piece, we will exclusively be talking about Gantt chart software and help you determine whether this software is the right call for you and your needs!


If you are considering investing in Gantt for your business then keep reading and learn all about it! 

Top Gantt Chart Features 

Scheduling Made Easy

The scheduling feature in Gantt chart software is one of the topmost liked features by users. This feature helps everyone within the team keep updated with the schedules of their team members and hence be on the same page. If you want to book a meeting with a team member or schedule a team meeting, you can look at everyone’s calendar for the workday and figure out a time when everyone is free and send out an invite accordingly!


Communication within a team and even externally outside of your team is very important. With Gantt chart software you are able to communicate without any hassle. The software has an internal messaging feature that allows for all your employees to be connected with one another and pose any questions or queries they might have with one another easily without any hang-ups. Instead of having to email one another, users can easily send one another messages which are usually responded to much sooner than an email typically would!

Flexible and Convenient 

There is also a lot of flexibility that is afforded to you by Gantt chart software. This software allows you to edit dates and tasks according to your specifications. You can make edits along the way or even afterward if there are any changes to when a task is due, or if the requirements themselves change in any way. Having software that can be edited to your needs as they change is very important. The software which you are not able to change can be very inconvenient and cause a lot of issues work and productivity-wise!


The software also allows you to set specific deadlines for your tasks or projects. This means you can easily set a timeframe for when a task should be expected to be due and allow for yourself to know when you need to be done with a specific task and project generally as well. The software also helps set realistic timelines for when a project should be expected to be completed. This helps give everyone in the team a realistic idea for when their work is due and also allows you to communicate deadlines and submission timelines to your clients! 

Gantt Chart Pricing 

As with any high-end software, Gantt chart software also comes with a price tag. The software costs about $29.99 for its cheapest version. The price for the software can increase depending on what features you want to unlock and what you would ideally want within a software. All in all, this software is a wonderful addition to your business and might be worth the cost!

Gantt Chart Reviews

As for whether the best Gantt chart software is actually the best for you then previous reviews by users can be something to go by. This software has a lot of satisfied users according to most of the reviews found for it online. The software has a lot of praise for its scheduling and timeline-related features and overall, the majority of reviews for it are very positive!

Gantt Chart Demo 

Now if you are wondering whether you should just buy the software we suggest you take a minute and consider asking for a Gantt chart software demo or trial from the vendor first. A trial or demo can help you see the software’s features in action in real-time and hence help you determine whether or not these features would be right for you and your needs in a better and more holistic way!

Is Gantt Chart Right for You?

Now that we are at the end of this extensive review, you are probably either convinced at trying Gantt or on the fence about it. Well perhaps, we can help you come to a conclusion about this software. We suggest that you write down your priorities for what your needs as a business are that need to be satisfied with Gantt chart software. If the needs for your business match the features Gantt already has,  then perhaps the software will be a good choice. 

We also suggest that you read as many detailed user reviews for Gantt chart software and see what current users think of it. A lot of times, users are able to provide better insight after using the software for a while. 

We are sure whatever decision you reach about this software will be the right one for your business! 


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