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Your Full Guide to DIY Electric Skateboards | Choose Wheels

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These days electric skateboards are very common.  The high demand of these boards does not decrease the prices at all. Sometimes it’s not easy for someone to afford thousands of dollars to buy a board. Things have become easy since now you can create your own DIY electric skateboard.

Full Guide to DIY Electric Skateboards :

-Collecting all the products

 Make sure together all the things you need for creating the electric skateboard. The kit includes everything except the deck. A pre packaged device is available at the route of the mellow board. Various sources are also present where you could get the available parts for your skateboard. Make sure to keep a check of the following things:

·         Selection of the accurate deck

·         Mounting of the motor on the desk properly

·         Motor to be either single or dual

·         Selecting the suitable battery

·         The pulley and wheels have to be chosen carefully

·         What will be your controller?

-Hardware and the board

Deck is always the first priority. To attain more stability it is better to choose a longboard deck instead of a skateboard. It can be more spacious for the hardware and the ride will be smooth as well. The decks should be either concave or completely flat.

The accurate length for a board is 28”-30”. Make sure your board is not already heavy so you can add a pack of battery and other electrical parts in it. Instead of the materials being flexible, they must be solid.

The shape and design of the truck matters a lot. As the motor and battery have to be inserted, you need enough space in it.

Some bundles of the kit include wheels as well. But if you want to choose what you like, Abex 11 Flywheel is a great suggestion. They are spiked which is why people love them. Also, they are easily affordable. You can rotate it and change the direction with free will after attaching the cog of large drive to it. Cracks can be crossed easily due to the large size of the wheels.

-The remote control

This part might be difficult because you need a controller with high amplitude because you may not be installing the motor. HP is used for identification. it is better to make a correct choice in this regard as the cheap controllers usually come out with a very low quality.


Lithium polymer battery is the very first suggestion given to people who create their own skateboard. It has a great output of power according to its weight and size. 6 to 8 miles can be traveled easily through a battery pack of 5000 mAh. If these batteries are overheated, they may be on fire being volatile in nature. These must be certified with UL testing. It also ensures high durability of the battery. But the best batteries come with a great price.

All the choices are yours but consider the best options when creating the board so you can save yourself from any future harm. Although it requires some knowledge of mechanics, but if you can follow instructions, you are good to go.

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