Fresh Drinking Water in Ghana – A Drama of Water Crisis

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Do people like drinking polluted water? Obviously not. Drinking clean and fresh water is essential for our body to maintain good health. If you don’t have a supply of freshwater, you could go through some serious illness, and that exactly what’s happening in Ghana. Fresh drinking water in Ghana is in crisis. Due to the drama of the freshwater crisis, many people are settling with what they have and what they have is polluted water.Polluted water is unsafe and contains harmful unfiltered groundwater, harmful earth metals, high levels of arsenic and iron among others which are not only very harmful to you but can also cause cancer. That’s right. Higher levels of presence of arsenic have been linked to various studies that showed it can lead to the formation of cancer cells in the human body. Not to mention some of the harmful earth metals can also include radionuclides and heavy metals and these can be extremely toxic for healthy adults and even worse for kids and pregnant women.

Now that you understand why fresh and clean drinking water is so important, let’s go through the scenario that has been going in Ghana for the last couple of years. A report just came in that says that the residents of Wrapong in the YiloKrobo Municipality of the eastern region of Ghana are crying for clean and fresh drinking water. They are asking their government to come to their aid and actually provide them with a fresh source of drinking water. The government of Ghana has said on multiple occasions that they will provide the residents with a fresh supply of water but they never did anything in this regard and the residents never got any sort of freshwater that they were ensured they will get. Speaking to CTV News, Kumah Prince Lawer, a local resident of the area, has said that the only source of water is from the stream. The stream gets somewhat fresh water when there’s rain but as we now know rainwater isn’t fresh either. Rainwater gets mixed various air pollutants that are released from factories and such pollutants come down to land with the rain. The already polluted rainwaterin the stream then gets stagnant and gets even more polluted and this is the only source of water according to the local resident. Not to mention such streams of water can be also be contaminated with various strains of E.Coli bacteria that can cause severe diarrhea, fever, uncontrollable abdominal pain, and/or vomiting. These bacteria usually get into people’s intestines through contaminated food and water. Although most people with a strong immune system will not get affected byit children and pregnant women and anyone who has a weakened immune system, at risk of catching the E. coli infection.

It goes on to show exactly how bad the situation over there is when it comes to drinking water. That’s right. Drinking freshwater is the right of every human being and words like that don’t mean anything to these people who have to fight everyday to even get water from the polluted stream and freshwater is nothing but just a dream for them now. Mr. Kumah reported to the CTV News that he has appealed to the government once again to provide the local residents with a proper source of freshwater instead of the stagnant and polluted stream of water that they have now. But something says his appeals will go deaf ears as it has been for the last decade. The NGOs are also actively working with the local residents to ensure they can as much as possible but without any sort of government initiative, it is very difficult to provide support for them. Not to mention several vigilante groups who would oppose everything done by the NGOs and this further limits the work done by the NGOs. Unless and until the government actually does anything in this regard, things are not going to be solved on their own and residents will continue to suffer as they did before. While the rest of the world takes things like this for granted and wastes freshwater, parts of Ghana and many other places like these would do anything to get this freshwater. That’s because they have no source of fresh water and we all know how important freshwater really is.

Despite such an overall positive growth in the economic sector, the people of Ghana are still suffering from the lack of proper water and sanitation systems.

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