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Frequently Asked Questions About Amazing Charts EMR

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About Amazing Charts

Amazing Charts is an EMR software that was created by a family medicine doctor that had an understanding of the everyday challenges physicians face when running their own small independent clinics. The software is dedicated to enabling quick and efficient charting, with the least amount of clicks needed to get the job done. 

Amazing Charts EMR is used by more than 6,000 practices across the country and has been adapted to various specialty settings such as pediatrics, cardiology, family medicine, and more. The software is customizable, easy to use, and is sure to improve your practice’s productivity and workflow management. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the top commonly asked questions about Amazing Charts.

What does an EMR do?

An EMR is short for ‘electronic medical record’ – this is software that allows you to digitally maintain all the information in a traditional patient chart. This includes their medical history, medications, allergies, doctor notes, and any test results or diagnoses. 

Because EMR is digitally accessible, it is an easy way of maintaining records and makes the entire process of sending information from one physician to another easy and quick. It allows practices the chance to create patient records in a paperless and sustainable way, and manages the entire patient visit, and makes it a smoother experience for all. 

In modern practices, EMR does much more than just creating patient records. The software helps create an ecosystem of patients, staff, doctors, and other health stakeholders to create efficient coordination that can help in the provision of the best patient care experience. 

What are the top features of Amazing Charts?

Amazing Charts offers practices with the ability to carry out a number of tasks using their features. Some of the top ones have been listed below.

Using Amazing Charts EMR you can create dynamic patient charts that include summaries from their last patient visit. You can also view all lab results, as well as their medical history along with summaries of earlier patient visits. 

The templates are available for practices to use so they can create unique notes about each patient visit with valuable information that can make each note informative and understandable.

There is also a patient portal available through which patients can sign in through any device so they can share messages, and view their patient encounter summaries, along with test results and awareness material to improve their understanding of medical conditions. 

Finally, appointment scheduling is extremely easy using Amazing Charts because you and patients can easily set appointments according to the time that works best for you. Missed appointments can be rescheduled as needed. 

How can I get an Amazing Charts demo?

There is a demo for Amazing Charts available which can be requested by reaching out to the vendor. The demo will allow you to navigate through the software as it would appear in real-time. 

What Amazing Charts pricing plans are available?

Amazing Charts EMR can be purchased by practices at a monthly subscription rate of $199 for each user. This includes features like support, updates, training and implementation on-site, and prescription features. 

Is a free trial available for Amazing Charts EMR?

A requested a free trial of Amazing Charts is available for practices, which means that when you purchase a plan, you have the option to view how it performs and adapts to your facility before the paid part of the plan kicks in.

What do reviews say about Amazing Charts?

There are a lot of reviews talking about Amazing Charts, but most feedback can be condensed to some main benefits and drawbacks of using the EMR.

According to Amazing Charts reviews, the software is easy to use and has ‘comfortable’ navigation and format, which makes it an adaptable software for people with various degrees of comfort around IT solutions. It was also mentioned that it is a perk that you can try out the software before committing to it fully and that it is relatively affordable. 

One of the drawbacks mentioned is that there can be a bit of a learning curve, especially when learning to edit templates. Another issue mentioned was that there may be issues with the readability of the charts or that they are simplistic.

Has Amazing Charts been responding to COVID-19?

In order to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazing Charts has been providing practices with telemedicine features such as televisits using secure video conferencing software. They’ve also been providing practices with tools to manage their revenue in this time so they can continue to care for patients that need monitoring.

Amazing Charts has also been providing clinics with resources to understand and interpret the stimulus packages that were provided during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


There is a lot of information to understand in this article, but at the end of the day, Amazing Charts EMR is a lucrative option for practices looking for a powerful tool to improve their clinical and administrative productivity.

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