Freight Forwarding Software

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  • Are you looking for the best freight forwarding software? 

    The complete freight forwarding solution

    Freight forwarding is the process of arrangements and timing of the shipment of goods. freight forwarding uses various ways like air, sea, rail, or road. Freight forwarding software helps your business is easier to do this process. Internet and technology have a great role in freight forwarding it helps to speed up your business and services and this freight forwarding software is a better option for your business and growth. Development of freight technology there is so much freight forwarding software so we won’t choose the best. There are so many benefits in freight forwarding,  increase shippers confidence, avoid wasting of time, shorter processing time, etc

    Good freight forwarding has many unique functions. The important need is user-friendly, user-friendly software is an important factor. so everyone can use it easily and they get confidence in their work. Freight forwarding has an important role in every business.A good freight forwarding software helps your company grow in every part of business and your company gets bigger profits by using the best freight forwarding software solutions

    How to select a good freight forwarding software? 

    It an important thing in your business to find the best freight forwarding software. We can confidently say we are the best freight forwarding software solution. we can promise your company gets the better experience in the freight technology.

    There is so much freight forwarding software but you want to choose the better one that’s your important task for your business growth. we the Intelligent software designed for efficiently managing the end-to-end activities of FreightForwardingcompanies.QuickMove Freight Forwarding software is an all-in-one on a cloud platform at an affordable consists of CRM (customer relationship management ), ERP( enterprise resource planning), and accounting.



     In every business, there are many challenges. So the company needs quality products. CRM has an important role in every business.

    The quick move has the best CRM software. It can build efficient flow for your team in the process and we know the customer’s needs.



    Looking for the best ERP software? it’s challenging for every business industry. Quick move provides the best ERP software for your business.

    Quick moves have unique features at an affordable price. It is more user-friendly and you can keep track of all your daily business activities and a multitude of business processes under a single software.



    Accounting is one of the most challenging factors in every business. Quickmove has the best user-friendly accounting system and it can be used easily for everyone. 

    Freight Forwarding software have also some unique features like

    Inland logistics management or operation

    crew instruction

    inventory list

    fleet or vehicle management

    resource management

    Vendor management

    Billing & accounting

    Onsite operational activities

    Labeling solution

    Storage and warehousing

    Digital signature

    outbound and inbound management

    container management

    shipment consolidation or Groupage

    Bill of Lading

    Lorry Receipt and Airway Bill

    cargo manifest

    Support Of Freight Software:

    Freight Software also its support for all level of solution like air freight, sea freight, and land freight

    Air Freight

    Airfreight cargo software solution is the best software solution using CRM, ERP easily and efficiently manage related to air freight including

    monitoring in the form of GPS tracking location.

    Sea freight

    Freight Software or cargo software also supports sea freight solutions including tracking, monitoring all related activities of transferring goods from one location to another. 

    Land Freight 

    Software support to all related goods of transferring which are used of land freight like rail, busses, and trucking system. freight also multiple modes of transport called intermodal freight and all Onsite operational activities can be managed by using mobile apps.

    Why we are unique?

    Design your own software: customized modules and submodules

    Reports and dashboards

    Support air freight, sea freight, and land freight

    Sales:- target list, inquiry, costing (manual and automated, multicurrency, acceptance rates, similar rates) quotation (online quote acceptance), invoice, job order, sales planning, calendar & task, notes

    Customer support:- complaints, claims, insurance, feedback

    Inland logistics management or operation: job management, crew instruction, task management, job calendar, inventory list, fleet or vehicle management, resource management

    Shipping: outbound and inbound management, container management, shipment consolidation or Groupage, shipment tracking, Bill of Lading, Lorry Receipt and Airway Bill, cargo manifest

    Vendor management (agent, carrier line): rate request, purchase order, service receipt

    Billing & accounting; Expected Gross Profit and Gross Profit

    SMS and email integration; customer automatically gets the update via email or SMS till delivery

    Customer Service Portal: customers can interact with freight companies by using their login from the company website; track shipment, get a quote, online payment

    Onsite operational activities can be managed by using mobile apps

    Storage and warehousing

    Digital signature

    Labeling solution: QR Code and Barcode

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