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For fishermen: about the bark of the Curonian Lagoon and the right baits

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It was fun in August. No rain but a small hurricane every here and there. As far as I’ve heard, this is not the last blow, there will be drafts. Well, sitting on the quay, such a short refreshing wind of thirty meters per second is not a problem yet, but if you were in the open sea with a boat at that time – it would probably be fun. It would be better for no one to do that. Weather forecasters promise that sometimes the rain will stop in August. On the other hand, it doesn’t bother me much. One is when it rains in autumn at 5 degrees, the other is summer rain, from which it is not difficult to defend oneself with normal clothing. While it’s warm, let’s fish in the rain with fishing reels.


Curonian Lagoon


In August, life underwater usually begins to revive. The Curonian Lagoon, where the heat is rising in August, is no exception. This is already happening now and full-time occupants of the most popular places on the rocks on their way to the Maritime Museum are catching quite decent catches. The places to the right of the Old Ferry are the most popular, but the bream catches all along the coast. Well, of course not completely, the places where they are, you need to look. And in search – the whole stretch from the New Ferry to the Maritime Museum.


There will be a lot of smelt fry this year. The bream of the Curonian Lagoon is characterized by the fact that it favors fry when it is present. But the earthworm, the usual bait of Curonian Spit, does not give up. What’s better? Unanswered question. Typically, smelt is caught farther from shore, although this is not the rule. Accordingly, it is impossible to drop such a distance on the bait. Therefore, the bream that occurs at the point where the bait is cast continues to be caught.


Much more fun fishing is when the bream are tamed. By teaching how to prepare bait for bream and intelligently baiting them, it is possible to “invite” them very close to the shore, where it is not difficult to throw a float rod. Everyone, I think, will agree that pulling bream on a float is a lot more fun than a bottom one. Let those who think differently think what they want.


About cozy bites – later. About places where they can be in the Curonian Lagoon – easily. Everything is simpler than simple. You walk along the coast, you see a circle of fishermen. You approach politely and ask unobtrusively. It would be very nice against the familiar “nu… how to fish, what to fish?” to say hello. A fisherman who is normally asked will respond normally. If normal. If not, let’s move on.


Curonian Spit


It would be an exaggeration to discuss any gear and the subtleties of catching bream in Curonian Spit. Everything there is quite simple. Cleverly thin line. Why? Because there is usually a lot of current in the lagoon. The heat of a thicker cleaner may not be afraid, but why draw a thick barrier across the current, behind which will hang everything that is carried by the current? 


Frequent commuting begins, clearing of scale and raising weights, which does almost nothing good. It is therefore ideal to fish in the lagoon with very thin braided lines. In the range of about 0.06-0.1 mm. It’s even better to fish with a new generation of nanotechnology lines that glide like plain lines and hold loads like braided lines. Of course – they are expensive. 


A thin line can be thrown further – an axiom. A thin line is less responsive to current – an axiom. Thin cleans less afraid of fish – not relevant in the Curonian Lagoon, but sometimes it is.


The systems can be used for a variety of tastes. I usually tie either an English loop or an elementary Paternoster system with a long leash, about 70 cm. The English loop seems to be more sensitive to teasing, but it is dangerous to use a long leash with it, sometimes it throws up, and then nothing works. 


The Paternoster system


The Paternoster system is simpler, but you can tie a meter-long name, and nothing happens. And along leash in the lagoon is a value. True, catching with the feeder is still better in the English loop. But even better is the carp version of the feeder with the bait hidden in it. When dropped, the bait just lies in a pile of bait.


Throwing away at the feeder usually makes no sense. First – with the feeder very far and do not throw. Second – if the current is high – that your feeder will go further until you are a few meters from the shore. The option is heavy feeders, but then the stems are needed more powerful, which beats the pleasure. The bark is not carp, pulling a powerful jackal is not fun. For “butchers” – those who aim to catch as much as possible and eat as much as possible – it does not matter at all how that poor bream will be extracted, albeit with a shovel stem, and for a fisherman who catches emotions, fishing fun is important.


The time is now such that bream are enjoying the shores of the Curonian Spit, and if not now, then when to catch them? Exactly… catch now. The weather is not right? You don’t have normal clothes or you don’t want to. Well, it’s uncomfortable that the occasional downpour, but that’s definitely not a reason not to go fishing.


For Italian car lovers and fishermen


Rural tourism homestead, a gathering of Italian car enthusiasts starts. That’s what’s already happening. There is still time for those who want to take part in a fishing competition and take some serious prizes from Ramada, which supports fishing competitions. The race starts at around 3 pm, so feel free to guess and fishfood to buy, and to come to Lopaičiai village. And after fishing, there will be a variety of attractions that are also worth participating in. Why not sit at home – go ahead.


The weather is almost mid-August


The weather is like the weather, no worse than it used to be. There will be little or no rain. That’s fine. It won’t be warm either, but it won’t be cold yet. Yes… in the middle. About 16-18 degrees. The wind is quite weak – 4-6 m / s, but it will not blow from the best side, from the northeast or north. So when fishing in the lagoon – into physiognomy. So fish for this shore, then blow to your back. But nothing will stop. You have a choice.


Nice Mondial and fishing reels


It is worth starting from the fact that this bait is a product of the famous French company Sensas. I can already see how much optimism has come down to many – expensive. No. The bait is made in Poland according to Sensas technology and is much cheaper than baits of French nature. About three times. Do you say inferior quality? I don’t think so. The quality is higher than its price. I write this boldly because I tried this bait myself.


As soon as the Salmo store opened in Klaipeda, I immediately bought and tried it. Of course, the French “Sens” is more effective. What sense would it be to produce cozy of the same action at such different prices?


 But the French version is not captured by our budget fishermen. It is, so to speak, a festive bait. The Polish version is adapted to the Lithuanian pocket and, as I said, it is too good in terms of price. The first time I tried this bait was by catching big carp. It worked so that I didn’t want it anymore. Friends fishing next door and cozy another bait didn’t get half as much pleasure as I did.


Now that the Curonian Lagoon is raging, this bait can make life easier for a fisherman. The bait is produced in several variations, as well as special current versions, baits specifically for bream and baits with a specific smell. 


As far as I know, Curonian Spit bitters respond perfectly to the scopex version of the bait, but the bait does not have to be that way. It is worth looking for unique combinations, even when using Sensas liquid bait additive Aromix. It, like many Sensas products, is not cheap, but it is enough for some fishing. And sometimes the cleverly added Aromix works wonders. It is important not to overdo it, it is very concentrated.


In the end


Another pillow is to take the cheapest bait, add the same Aromix and pierce them all. It is hardly the case that it is more accurate to mix additives and cozy ones from the same manufacturer, they will give a better chance of catching. In addition, it is not worth risking the litas for cheaper baits, when the price of Mondial – F supermix is ​​really more than humane. And with a smoky nose, the lips feel that the bait is good. 

On the other hand, using this bait can not be caught. It needs to be prepared correctly. This can be taught to you by Paul Korsak, who really knows how to handle cozy things and who you can often meet at the Salmo store. Where you will also find Mondial-F supermix bait.If you are interested in learning more feel free to check out

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