FlexClip video editing tool recommended, you can quickly make videos by yourself

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What is FlexClip? 

FlexClip is an online video editing platform, very suitable for novices who want to get in touch with video editing.

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FlexClip allows you to use its built-in rich templates, materials and convenient tools, you can quickly edit a good-looking movie in a few minutes, and you no longer need to spend money to ask others to help you make a movie.

There are so many video editing software, why use FlexClip?

1. It takes a lot of time to explore every time you want to make a movie

2. There is a temporary need for movies without professional assistance

3. Don’t want to download editing software

During my trial of FlexClip, I was amazed by its large number of templates and materials, as well as its simplicity.

There are indeed many professional video editing software on the market. Based on the large demand for videos, we need some tools that can let everyone quickly get started making videos because not everyone needs professional editing software.

Who should use FlexClip?

FlexClip is not suitable for professionals who need fine editing & special effects. It is more suitable

· People without editing skills

· Community editor

· Marketing staff

· I want to make my wedding and travel documentary videos

Not everyone knows film editing, but sometimes there is a demand for films.

FlexClip disassembles video production into several elements: video material, text, background, and music so that ordinary people can make a professional video based on their needs.

Features of FlexClip

Here are five attractive features of FlexClip

1. No need to download software, connect to the Internet to make videos on the web

2. Lots of movie templates

3. A large number of videos and photo materials can be used for free

4. Supports high-definition HD video output

5. Various movie elements can be fully customized

Video cropping method

FlexClip provides intuitive video cutting methods: crop & split, to choose the length of the video you want.

Dynamic text effect

You can directly add text to your video to better understand the key points of the video.

Flexlip also provides text templates & dynamic text effects. Use their text templates directly, so you don’t have to worry about your text’s layout style anymore.

Lots of free videos, music, pictures

FlexClip has its media material library, which contains various movies, pictures, background pictures, and music that can be used directly.

You can rest assured that you can use FlexClip’s materials. The content in their media library complies with royalty-free rules, so you don’t have to worry about using infringing materials.

Change video size with one click

When your videos need to be uploaded to different media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Douyin, Twitter, etc., you must make videos that match each platform’s ratio.

FlexClip allows you to change the movie’s ratio directly with one click, no longer have to check the ratio and adjust it one by one.

Fast and convenient output

FlexClip provides two formats: MP4 & GIF. MP4 gives you three resolution options. Usually, if you want to upload to the Internet, you will choose to output the 1080p high-resolution format.

After choosing the output, you can choose whether to add the title or not. Besides, you can output the movie and download it without any extra settings! 

FlexClip fees

FlexClip can be used for free, but the functions of the free version are quite limited. The paid version has monthly and annual payments.

Click on the image below to zoom in and view the differences between FlexClip’s various cost plans.


· Free version-Download videos in 480p quality for free

· Basic version $8.99/month

· Advanced version $15.99/month

· Commercial Edition-$29.99/month

Compared with other video editing software, the price of FlexClip is a little bit higher, but if you pay for the subscription every year, the fee is much cheaper.

Create a new video project

FlexClip provides two methods for you to make videos:


Option One  Choose a movie template


Use FlexClip’s video templates to respond to various themes, and you can also directly search for the video themes you want to make.


Option two  Choose to create a blank project


Creating a blank project allows you to create your videos without being restricted by the templates’ order.

Edit video

Here I will directly use the FlexClip template to make the video. This is the easiest and most relaxing way.


STEP 1  Choose a movie template

Directly search for the theme of the video you want to make, including personal life (birthday, wedding, party, etc.), commercial videos, social media videos, marketing advertising videos, and teaching videos.

Here I will demonstrate an explanatory video about my brand.


STEP 2  Import videos

Add your video or use FlexClip’s video library.


STEP 3  Edit video

Cut silhouette piece


STEP 4  Join the transition

When the video’s screen arrangement is arranged, transitions can be added to enrich the screen’s connection points.


STEP 5  Add background music

FlexClip provides a very rich music material, unlike some other editing platforms that claim to provide music, but there are only a few songs.

FlexClip directly cooperates with the royalty-free music material network Storyboard to use their music. I am pleased that this means that we no longer need to subscribe to the music library and subscribe to the editing platform separately, and we can enjoy many materials with only one payment.

STEP 6  Preview video

When preparing to output the video, remember to watch and check the produced video again. This additional step can help you check whether your video has typos or needs to be modified.


Output movie

FlexClip provides three video resolutions:

· 480p

· 720p

· 1080p

If you don’t know what these three resolutions mean, let me give you a basic idea. Now the movies shot by mobile phones have 1080p high-definition resolution. The smaller the number, the more unclear the image quality. Therefore, it is recommended to analyze the movie. Choose 1080p for the degree.


STEP 1 Click output

STEP 2 Choose 1080p, upgrade and export

STEP 3 Choose Premium Package

Paid plans include monthly subscription payments or annual payments.

It is recommended that if you only make a single video, choose a monthly subscription to pay.

Is FlexClip worth using?

No software tool is perfect. There are always advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s look at its disadvantages. For users who have been in contact with editing, FlexClip may seem too simple. It lacks the versatility of relatively professional software like Adobe Premiere or After Effects.

It also has a limit on the production movie’s length, so it is not suitable for longer movies.

For people to novice or want to cut the movie is small, FlexClip would be a pretty nice choice.

If you are looking for a very basic editing tool, the simplicity provided by FlexClip and its large number of templates and material libraries will be suitable.

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