Five ways to clear the cache on Samsung S8

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The usage of mobiles has become increasingly excessive and Samsung users are also involved in this phase. The more you use your mobile to download all your favorite apps, videos, pictures, or movies the more it disturbs the presentation and speed of your Samsung mobile device. Because all the data you are continuously downloading is stored or piled up within your Samsung device. However, when the speed and performance of your mobile get disturbed it is the prime time to clear the phone cache on the Samsung galaxy s8.

In this article, we are going to jot down five ways that can help all the Samsung users to clear phone cache on Samsung s8.

Let’s take a look.

1. Step 1 Make full use of SD card to save space

The basic step that can help your mobile work at a much faster speed is the use of an SD card. Samsung s8 users make use of SD cards to store the extra data they had been downloading so far. Though many do not make use of the SD card because Samsung has an internal storage of about 64GB which is sufficient for many. However to avoid messing up you can store all your videos, songs, and photos on your SD card. Though you cannot shift your regular Apps into an SD card apps that are not many users can be shifted into the SD card. All you need to do is to insert your SD card into the device to add more storage capacity.

2. Step 2 Use device maintenance to clean storage

When you travel to the settings of your mobile you will see the Device maintenance option in there which helps the Samsung s8 users to clear app cache in Samsung s8 as well as memory and also helps to enable safety. You can also use the optimize option to close the running Apps that you are not using currently and clear phone cache Samsung s8. This process helps to monitor the files by looking into duplicate files, ads, and the files you haven’t used much. All you need to do is to remove the junk files that are useless to you. Also, the memory section helps to keep an eye on the files that you are not using.

3. Step 3 Use the default streaming music service on s8

Just like Spotify, Amazon, or tidal Google play music is also serving free streaming services and you can be listed to uncountable music songs within 9.99 dollars. All you can do is to subscribe it and listen to music without downloading it. Not to forget that Google play music can let you listen to 100,000 songs without even the need to download them and most importantly with Samsung s8 you can avail yourself of a three-month play music subscription streaming services. This way you can listen to thousands of songs and use YouTube ad-free ted. This way your device will help you create storage and the performance of your device will not be compromised.

4. Step 4 Effectively manages content of Samsung to free phone space

Despite all the above ways you can also add extra storage to your device by removing the photos, videos, and unwanted files transferred to your laptop or computer. Syncios manage can assist you. This service can help you clear or transfer all extra data or cache into your laptop and this way your device is going to work smoothly and the speed will not be compromised.

The steps you need to follow are

· Download syncios manager on your laptop and then through USB connect it to the Samsung device

· Time to tap and click on the data transfer button. This way your extra music files, photos, and videos will be transferred to your laptop or PC.

· Now turn to syncios where you can eradicate the extra files present on your Samsung device.

5. Step 5 Delete browser cache

Not to forget that all your internet activity, the web pages you downloaded or visited through Google all stores up in your device hence adding additional data. This can be sorted by clicking on the setting, tap on privacy, select the data you wish to delete, and tab Delete data. This way you will be able to clear the App cache on Samsung s8.

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