Five Reasons Why Custom Made Draperies Are Better Alternative Than Pre-Made

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People love draperies for decades, and it is continued to rule over people’s hearts even today when we have endless window treatment options. Draperies are timeless beauty that gives a boost to the existing décor of any house. But to make the most out of it, experts recommend custom draperies over pre-made draperies for many valid reasons. Let’s find out the top five reasons custom window draperies by Grace Pacific in Palisades are preferred over ready-made draperies.


Appropriate size– Size is the biggest concern while choosing the draperies. Even though you find some attractive ready-made draperies, but if you don’t find the right size, it is a waste to buy. Choosing the wrong size draperies can make your window treatment look awkward. However, if you select custom draperies, the experts come to your place and measure the window size to design the draperies with the exact size required. Ready-made draperies are designed to meet standard size requirements. 

This is because ready-made draperies are not able to meet your specific requirements.


Endless choices– Custom-made draperies offer you infinite options in terms of designs, texture, patterns, and fabrics. If you want your ideas to consider, you can reveal to your designer so that they can come up with your desired set of draperies. Plus, designers are also flooded with innovative ideas. In short, with custom-made draperies, you will exactly get what you have expected, even better than it. On the other hand, with ready-made draperies, you may have to compromise somewhere. Therefore, choose the custom-made draperies and maintain the uniqueness.


Linings– Usually, ready-made draperies do not come with linings. Linings are important as they protect your draperies against sun fading, perfectly hide the stitch marks, and not let the draperies shrink. 

Also, linings prevent the draperies from wearing off prematurely. Overall, the linings increase the life-span and keep draperies look great for a longer time.


Quality assurance– Ready-made draperies are manufactured in a bulk quantity. As a result, the manufacturers do not take care of minute details and compromise with the quality to keep the cost low. Even at times, ready-made draperies come with poor stitching. As a result, they can also cause wrinkles and creases to appear after some time.

However, when it comes to custom-made draperies, fabrics are wisely selected, measurements are carefully taken, stitching is properly done, and utmost care is given during hemming and cutting. Every inch of the drape is carefully stitched to provide strength to the draperies and bring perfection to the design.


No Compromise with functionality – It has been seen that functionality is often compromised with ready-made draperies because they come with standard width and length. Consequently, draperies may not cover the window properly, leaving a small gap. On the other hand, with custom-made draperies, you choose the width and length required according to the measurement taken beforehand, ensuing draperies are functional.


Final words

The interior designers having wide experience in providing the widow treatment services can justify installing the custom-made draperies. For instance, blinds and shutters in Agoura Hills Calabasas add aesthetic appeal to your home without compromising the functionality. Hence, if you are looking to install custom-made draperies, or window blinds and shutters, have direct words with the reputed interior designers. 

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