Features to Include while travel mobile app development process

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A travel mobile app is often considered for booking tickets, hotels rooms, and get location details. But with the changing scenario, if you are planning for the next best travel mobile app development, it must be something different, reliable, and most importantly affordable. To fulfill them and for higher customer engagement, you need to plugin the latest technologies to your app. This may cost you a bit higher than planned which is fine as it is going to be the next best travel mobile app. You may also recover the expenses as it will boost your income. But do you know what are the features that will make your travel app stand out? Do not stress! Here is the list of features to include in a travel mobile app development process.

We have categorized them under three major classes for your better understanding.

Features while developing a travel mobile app in 2020


Basics are the features that you are already aware of. They are common in almost all the existing travel mobile apps. Here they are:

  • Travel Planning

The travel planning feature will allow the customer to plan their holidays on their own. They can choose a place, schedule the trip, book tickets, hotels, and plan their travel successfully as they require.

  • Geo-location Tracking Services

This feature is another great feature for people traveling to an unknown city. Although they have booked the rooms, locating and reaching the room becomes challenging. This feature helps them to locate all the places they want to reach in an unknown place.

  • In-app Booking

On the travel app, there are two categories of people, one being holiday planners. They just want to figure out their expenses and know the places. And the other category belongs to the people who wish to have all the services like, booking tickets, hotels, locating places and payment processes, under a single shade. This is when the in-app booking feature becomes beneficial. However, these people will share their experience with others, and eventually your app engagement increases.

  • Reviews, recommendation

Reviews and recommendation features are beneficial in every way. It not only helps people to share their experience, but their reviews eventually increase the goodwill of your app. Secondly, a bad review also counts, as they help you get off the flaw of your app. Hence, reviews and recommendation features should be in your to-do list while you are working on developing a Travel Mobile App.

  • Destination details

Apart from all the booking hustle, a page with beautiful destinations and their description help people plan different places. As they are available on your app, the booking and other facilities also benefit them.


Standard features are features that can be seen on different and existing travel mobile apps. To make your app hit the market it is necessary to have all that exists and is yet to come. Here are some of the standard features you should consider for your travel mobile app development.

  • Automatic Itinerary Generator

Well, some people do not have much time to take a detailed look into every single hotel room, flight availability, and other facilities. An automatic itinerary generator is going to add a good hype to your app. A pre-planned offer comes up as the customer selects a specific location in the automatic itinerary generator feature of your app will make it user friendly.

  • Backpacking

The backpacking feature is specially designed for solo travelers, which includes booking tickets and hotels, availing hospitality services at the destination, finding stores and places. Language translation, weather forecasts, and current events streaming at that place can also be seen through the backpacking feature. And interestingly this feature helps solo travelers connect with others like travelers.

  • Expenses tracking

The unknown city can be expensive, and customers often worry about overspending and exceeding the planned budget. Expenses tracking features in your app will help them track their money flow and most importantly make their trip memorable.

  • Currency converter

The currency converter is a good feature to add to your travel mobile app. This will help customers to control their expenses and avoid local looters. Secondly, this will also help you make online transactions during your trip conveniently.

  • Voice search

Since every app now has a voice search feature it becomes a must feature for your travel mobile app development process. It helps people go hands-free and language issues can be sorted in the voice search automatically.


Premium features are the excellent features of an app that the upcoming generation demands. Missing out on the feature may backfire. While you are still in the planning phase do include these features as well to come up with an incredible travel mobile app.

  • AI and ML

While heading towards the 5th generation of the technology Artificial intelligence and machine learning is one of the premium features responsible for making any app incredible. This feature suggests customers with offers, plans, and other details as per the customer’s mind.

Artificial Intelligence not only helps customers but also helps the business owner, i.e. you. It has various benefits like identifying threats, improving your market statistic, and gaining financial hype. The more your app can withstand the crowd the more people are impressed.

  • AR and VR

Travel mobile app is no longer just a booking app but has also become a virtual tour. However, no travel industry yet has augmented and Virtual Reality technology, the application of this feature is yet to be discovered. Here is your chance to be the first one.

Looking at the AR and VR features on different platforms, the results on your app will also be an outstanding one. So, AR and VR are in your to-do list for your travel mobile app development.

This is how thetravel mobile app development process becomes easy when you know what is trending, what the customers want, and most importantly what gets you more revenue. However, the list does not end here, there are so many other features you can add to your travel mobile app like chatbots, in-app calling facilities, different payment gateways and the list goes on. Assuming that you are aware of these common features we have prepared the above list. We guarantee that these features are going to kick your business to great heights, and that’s where a great travel mobile app development process is accomplished.

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