Facts You Must Know Before Going for Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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Hair Removal Treatment– We all are attracted to flawless life. As a matter of fact, even hair can make or break your confidence. Especially unnecessary facial hair can make it difficult for you to stand in the spotlight and take the front stage. A lot of people see it as a sign of manliness, while the real reason could be hormonal imbalance or a medical condition. Laser treatment can help get rid of the body hair and facial hair without any pain for a long time.

Trying to meet the beauty standards, many people are not comfortable in their own skin. And becoming flawless can give them confidence. Unwanted facial hair in women, as well as upper lips, is a problem for women as we consider these manly. Hair removal can be painful with hot wax and no comfort while the laser treatment makes the process relaxing and absolutely painless.

But before going for laser treatment one should know some of the facts of laser treatment and then decide to go with laser treatment or not. Laser treatment is always done by the specialist and cannot really happen at home. One needs a trusted dermatologist to perform laser treatment.

Facts to Know Before Hair Removal Laser Treatment

Shave Before the Treatment-

Laser treatment focuses on hair follicles and to give a clear path, one should make sure to shave first before going for the laser treatment. The reason behind is that laser treatments treat the hair follicles from where the hair grows and the long sticky hair right at the skin will only come in the way. The hair itself absorbs the laser energy and the entire treatment can be a waste.

No Tan before the Treatment

It is advisable that the skin should be in its natural color while going for laser hair treatment. Hence, before going for hair removal treatment, one should stay inside and do not step outside purposefully for sun bath or worse, sun burns. The reason behind is that treatment can not take pace on tanned skin and can put skin at the risk of discoloration. So do not stay out on harsh afternoons prior to your laser appointment.

Put Down the Fake Tan too

Apparently tan has become a new and trending skin type. Many young women do the fake tan through the sprays. These sprays change the skin color temporarily and make it a little darker. Due to which more laser energy is absorbed by the skin to reach the follicles.

Skin Care Oils and Lotions

The skin care lotions and oils create a layer over the skin to protect from UV rays and harmful dust particles. But also while undergoing a laser treatment it do not let laser to reach to the hair follicles and can cause complications and the risk of discoloration. So skip your skin care on the day of the appointment.

Painless Hair removal Treatment

While, the hair removal through the usage of wax or stripes is extremely painful. Laser treatment does not involve any pain. It is a far more tolerable method than waxing or depilating. Laser treatment is also not very time consuming and gets over quickly as it works on a fairly large area. It is also an extremely safe treatment and does not involve even minimum blood.

Visit Jaipur Skin City for Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Now it’s time to decide on the best clinic in Jaipur for laser treatment. Multiple dermatologists do the laser treatment but not all are good enough or have trusted results. Although Jaipur Skin City is the most trusted clinic in Jaipur for laser treatment, it is also topmost in google ratings and has multiple recommendations from ex-patients.

You can trust Jaipur Skin City for your laser treatment as it has the following advantages over other Laser treatment clinics-

World’s Best Hair Removal Laser– “LightSheer Duet™ (Diode Laser)”
– First and only machine in the entire Rajasthan
– Vacuum technology to give completely painless and safe treatment
– High-speed probe, full-body hair removal in just 45 minutes
– Permanent Reduction of Body Hair
– Laser done directly under the supervision of expert dermatologists
– No Side Effects

Here are some of the after and before results-

Laser hair removal treatment
hair removal treatment

At, Jaipur Skin City there are no chances of side effects and one can easily trust it. Below is the Jaipur Skincity ratings on google and other platforms by its ex patients and clients.

Ratings of best skin doctor in jaipur sachin sharda


The laser treatment is a perfect solution to unwanted hair growth on the face as well as the body. It is an absolutely painless and comfortable way to get rid of the hair. Although there are some facts one should consider before going for laser treatment. Jaipur Skincity is the best hair removal treatment clinic and can go on and forth with the treatment here.

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