Facebook Messenger API for Your Business: Will Chatbots Boost Customer Experience in 2022?

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The buzz is ON! AI-powered chatbots will soon replace the mobile apps, the emails you get from businesses, and customer care agents. Plus, Chatbots reduce the operation cost to onboard in-office customer support, and increase your revenue, even when you are sleeping!

More particular is the hype about Facebook messenger API for businesses and how it gets paired with advanced chatbots. To help this fact get straight, a survey by Oracle points out that 80% of companies want to switch their customer support with a chatbot. So, will it be worth it? Can chatbots with Facebook Messenger API do all tasks as it promises?

In this blog, we will explore the real-life instances for you to have a firm footing with Facebook messenger API. Also, grab the bonus tips while reading this blog to stay updated and informed about communication APIs and their uses. 

Facebook Messenger API for Your Business

What is Facebook Messenger API?

Undoubtedly, Facebook messenger API is one of the most powerful tools to establish an interactive connection with your customers today. With just one conversation with your valued prospect, you can drive your business outcomes. 

The Messenger API can be integrated into any third-party application, including AI-powered chatbots, for you to manage business communication. For instance, it can be any social media platform, Chatbot APIs, or CRM application. Thus, if you want to use different messaging technologies in one application, you are pointing to Facebook Messenger APIs.

Counting the benefits of Facebook Messenger API

  • Reach 1.3 Billion active users monthly with Facebook Messenger API

More interestingly, out of the 1.3 billion active users, around 90 million are small businesses. They are using Messenger in different ways. So, following the correct statistics of Facebook Messenger, about 20 billion messages are between customers and companies. 

  • Isn’t that a great idea to connect to a global audience?

Yes, it is! Facebook Messenger is used in countries where sometimes, people are reluctant to use other chatting apps. It is particularly more dominant in the US. With easy click-to Messenger Ads, businesses can drive more sales and better engagement. The click-to-Messenger ads are the advertisements that click to Messenger. 

Apart from these benefits, you also now enjoy the latest feature added to Facebook Messenger API. Recently, Facebook Messenger API was opened for Instagram to all! 

All Businesses can use the Facebook Messenger API for Instagram

This feature is the first one for the developers’ community globally. And will later open for businesses in a phased approach. The Instagram accounts with followers from 10,000 to 100,000 got the accessibility to connect to the Facebook messenger API. Next, accounts with a follower count of 1,000 to 10,000 were able to connect to the API.

In October, the feature came up as a closed beta for select businesses- 700 brands in all. Plus, 30 developers were there while opening the new feature to the companies. Currently, all companies, organizations, and brands who use Instagram can use the Facebook Messenger API. 

How can Facebook Messenger API for Instagram be proper?

The precise point here is that with the new feature, businesses can leverage a broader Facebook platform. Apart from having a one-to-one conversation for better business outcomes, it also proves to be a powerful tool to connect the audience globally. 

In the past, interacting with customers for businesses was possible directly through Facebook unified Business inbox or Instagram. The problem there was the limitation to use. Plus, it was more challenging for companies that have a large volume of traffic. So, if your company has a broad customer service database, it is now easier for you to connect to your customers with Facebook Messenger API.

How can you use the Facebook Messenger API now?

Indeed, the Facebook Messenger API is accessible for all. Plus, integrating it with any third-party application is a good idea that you may be using to manage communication. It can be, For example, it can be a social media platform or even a CRM application. 

Moreover, the need to use Messenger API is clear from the below fact:

90% of all Instagram users follow at least one business online. So, creating a better way that is logical is a great move from Facebook. 

While we discuss the new features and benefits of Facebook Messenger API for your business, it is essential to close a profitable deal. Facebook Messenger is more than just a chatting app. Naturally, you will want to hire the best third-party company to manage the communication. Here are some of the best tips to consider while choosing a Facebook Messenger API solution provider.

Things to Consider while hiring Facebook Business Provider

  • Access to message your customers in their preferred channel

The provider should provide an Omni-channel solution from WhatsApp to Facebook Messenger and Twitter to Google Business Messages. The customer should be able to connect you on any messaging channel.

  • You should have access to a single dashboard for simplified usage

How about this: all your channels in a single inbox? It seems incredible, right! So, for a simplified experience, you should receive messages from all messaging apps and social media in only one inbox. It ensures making customer management more effortless, and you can choose automated features to stand better in serving your customers.

  • Access to reach clients across multiple platforms

As a business, it is essential to connect with your clients as they want. Their favorite communication channel whether it’s a website, social media apps, or typical messaging apps, the Facebook Business provider should provide you with the right tools and support. 

  • Choose advanced features to compete with your competitors

Now, you can get access to AI-powered chatbots and technology-driven tools to make customer service fast and easy. The platform should be able to manage a large volume of Facebook Messenger message requests. It is best if all these processes get done efficiently and intelligently!


Indeed, talking about the Facebook Messenger API, you may also be willing to access Facebook Messenger bots for your business. It promises a shallow barrier for your audience and you. Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging applications and, interestingly, the third most-used app now!

So, if you want to connect with your audience right, Facebook Messenger API can make your experience worth every effort. Plus, it is cheaper and efficient to manage large volumes of messages and call traffic.

Switch to a better way to connect globally now!

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