Explore Wisconsin To Get a Glimpse Of The Midwest

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Wisconsin is famous for their  football team Green bay Packers and also the cheddar cheese. There are many other hidden gems waiting to be discovered. From the elegant museums of Madison to the well-preserved state parks, you can learn about history and art in person, learn about where it happened, and read in the museum.Check out the checklist we have prepared for you and start planning your trip to Wisconsin! That way you will indeed Explore Wisconsin & Get a Glimpse of the Midwest.

Things you can’t afford to miss in Wisconsin 

Start from the Devils Lake State Park

The Devil’s Gate is one of the few unique rock formations in Devil’s Lake State Park near Balabala. This renowned state park in Wisconsin holds the crown, indeed for a reason. It is surrounded by 500 feet of auburn cliffs around a 360-acre lake. The summer attracts crowds to the beaches along the lake, and stepped trails are above the cliffs, and climbers try to send routes on the smooth quartzite. There are fewer people to visit during the weekdays so making American Airlines Reservations and visiting there can benefit you better.

Explore the Cave of the Mounds

The mound hole is near the blue mound in Wisconsin. The eastern hill of these two hills is called “Blue Hill” and is located on the southern slope. It is designated as a national natural landmark and is called the “jewel box” of the cave in North America, and is famous for the beautiful limestone structure that decorates its interior. This beautiful cave was accidentally discovered in 1939 by a quarry worker when the rock exploded, but it was not opened to the public until 1940.

Analyze the Lambeau field

Vince Lombardi’s statue stands in front of the Lambeau Field in Green Bay. However, if you can’t buy a ticket, plan to visit the stadium and Packers Hall of Fame anyway. The tour includes visiting even more unattainable suites, passing through the same tunnels that players walked through on match day, and live photos. Keep Lambeau Leap outside the stadium, a small wall on Harlan Plaza allows Average Joes and Janes to pull it down.

Enjoy a Drink at Ishnala Dinner Club

There is nothing more in Wisconsin than drinking old-fashioned beer on the deck of the Ishnala Supper Club overlooking Mirror Lake. The log cabin looks like a perch on the lake, and the calm water scene can be seen from part of the horseshoe-shaped bar and dining room. One of the precious tables is tucked in a corner along the wall of two windows and is a place for many interactions.

Visit New Glarus Brewing Company

New Glarus Brewing Co.’s spacious beer garden offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The hometown of the legendary Spotted Cow is a destination for beer fans far and near-please note that cars with plates from Illinois fill up the boxes in the brewery parking lot. However, New Glarus offers far more services than its famous flagship store, from award-winning fruit beers to outstanding Octoberfest beers, seasonally available from late summer. Visit the new mountain top brewery tour led by the brewery on the weekend, or one of the attractions in the Friday helmet tour, which includes a visit to the original riverside brewery.

Enjoy the views of Taliesin 

Taliesin was built by the famous Frank Lloyd Wright on a hill in Spring Green. The Spring Green residence of Wisconsin architect Frank Lloyd Wright attracts tourists from all over the world. A visit to the architect’s house and studio-still used by researchers from the Taliesin School of Architecture-showed Wright’s unique prairie-style architecture, as well as the dark history of the house, and witnessed two fires and brutal killings by servants.

Stroll the Great River Road, Wisconsin

The Great River Road in Wisconsin runs parallel to the majestic Mississippi River 250 miles along the western border of the state. It is one of the most scenic highways in the Midwest, flanked by 400-foot high sandstone cliffs and the historic small river town. Several state parks and wildlife refuges make it easy to visit. River towns provide tourists with diversion opportunities, such as hunting in antique shops, dining on fish and other local specialties, and overnighting in hotels and B&Bs, many of which have a century of history;  JetBlue book a flight and Explore Wisconsin to get a glimpse of the Midwest


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