Explore the night out places in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad is surely an amazing place to visit. It has so many activities to do that it keeps you occupied for the entire day. This city is also has amazing places for you to visit at night. The city doesn’t really sleep that early. It has various options for you to choose from. All of the places having their own persona and features, it makes you visit most of them. 

If this is your first time in Hyderabad and you’re confused as to what to do at night and where to go, let’s give you a clear picture of what is available in store for you so that it is easier for you to choose according to your mood. The things that you can try in Hyderabad are listed below. 

Two Forts 

Undoubtedly, Golkonda fort is one of the most amazing place to be at after sunset. The light and sound show is one of the most fascinating shows in Hyderabad. The two living legends and most talented people such as Amitabh Bachhan and Jagjit Singh have lend their voice and music for this amazing show. Another fort to visit is Warangal Fort. Light and music show also takes place there in evening times and is equally amazing and fascinating. Both these light and music shows take places several times during the evening and each show is almost takes up an hour. 

2.     Charminar 

Charminar is a must visit place. Going to Hyderabad and not visiting Charminar is surely very disappointing. It is one of the most iconic destinations to visit specially during evenings as it lights up really well giving you a completely different feel. It gives you an amazing chance to relish the amazing structure and gaze at the roads that are lit up. 

3.     Moula Ali Hill

Addition to the best night out places in Hyderabad surely include Moula Ali Hill. One such places that offers you amazing view of the city. One of the most unique night out place in Hyderabad. It takes the city to a whole new dimension. 

4.     Hard Rock Cafe

A place that needs no introduction and is a must visit place to explore the nightlife in Hyderabad. The ambiance is surely higher and of top notch. The menu is amazing and too good to resist. Many big names perform at this cafe and the ambiance is too good. It gets into the groovy mood and makes sure that you spend a wonderful night enjoying your view, food and drinks. It is truly a must visit place and is worthy enough for repetitive visits. 

5.     Altitude lounge bar 

One of the best night clubs in Hyderabad is this one which lets you experience dining along with a breath-taking view. It has an amazing overview of Hussain Sagar lake along with amazing vibe and great music to groove to. One of the most visited places for late night partying and a must visit place with friends.

6.     10 Downing street 

It is undoubtedly one of the most happening pubs in Hyderabad. They also host Bollywood Sunday and the entire ambiance is groovy and dancing to the Indian Bollywood beats. Located at an amazing destination at 10, ground floor, in Begumpet. The ratings are above average and are hosted every Sunday from 8pm onwards. 

7.     Shamshabad Go Kart Track

Feeling a little sporty? Shamshabad Go kart is the place for you. Yes, it is a place for nightlife events in Hyderabad which you should surely visit even at evenings. This is surely a place for all fitness freaks and adventurous people out there. You can surely be engrossed in this activity till 4am. One of the new things to try in Hyderabad apart from cafes, bars and restaurants. 

8.     Necklace road

Another addition in things to do in Hyderabad surely include an amazing drive at the back pace road on late evenings. It has amazing views and let’s you look at the city a little differently. It has lovely boulevard and fantastic lake views that let you drive there for hours. 

These were some of the amazing places to visit during late evenings or at night. With developing every day, Hyderabad surely will have additional things to offer in the coming years. But some iconic structures such as the forts, Charminar and necklace road remains constant. 

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