Explore New Zealand’s most haunted locations to experience Horror and Thrills

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The figure of a lady wearing white shadows, invisible footsteps, and blood-filled bathtubs-these seem to happen only in Hollywood imagination-but it depends on who you talk to and what you believe is behind or in front of you. Just Like anywhere else in the world, New Zealand has its creepy and supernatural parts. If you are looking for dreadful places in New Zealand, then these places should not be missed! Check out some of the most haunted places in New Zealand listed below, as well as those creepy and spooky ones. 

The lurking paranormal things in these places of Auckland will make your New Zealand Vacation a feared yet thrilling one.

Every Ghost story is Incomplete without Ghost Town at Tangarakau.

When we talk about ghosts and spooky places, what can be the first option other than a Ghost town? Even the signboards at the Tangarakau town say Ghost Town, with goatskin on both sides. If you have enough courage to enter the village on this hidden section of the forgotten  North Island highway, you will come across a campground surrounded by rolling hills and arable farms. Since the age of tunnels and railroads where 1,200 people lived here, things have changed…now this is a ghost town.

The Creepy stories at Waitomo Caves Hotel

Originally known as the Waitomo House, the hotel is said to be full of spooky activities-blood dripping in the bathtub, spirits rushing through guests, those bravely staying overnight may feel that something is beating, or Pull the sheets away. There’s been a story about a staff who was scared of entering there. She said that she saw the bathtub filled with bloodstains when she entered one of the rooms to clean it. She ran out to find someone to watch, but when they came back, it was apparent.

Napier Prison’s Supernatural Activities

Prisons, orphanages, and mental hospitals… it doesn’t sound like nonsense. All of these things have been true of Napier Prison since it was built in 1862. There are often reports of supernatural activities in prisons, and you can now explore through self-guided day trips, spooky night tours, or participate in one of the regular activities. In this mysterious place of New Zealand, go deep into death row, hanger, mental hospital, etc. Find more exciting things in Napier prison by making your Aeromexico Reservations and visiting Auckland to encounter the spooky places.

Daping Tunnel’s secret behind Death and Ghost

If the 8.5 kilometers of a tunnel extending under the Southern Alps are not scary enough, then the Otira Tunnel is also known as one of New Zealand’s haunted houses. It is said that a Scottish construction worker who was killed in the construction process was wandering around trying to find his way home. It’s not that you will have many opportunities to help him when you walk through the tunnel inside TranzApline through Arthur Pass.

Giant Monster at the Wakatipu Lake 

Okay, it’s not apparent. Lake Wakatipu is famous for the magnificent lake located in Queenstown. However, the story of Lake Wakatipu and its representation in Maori legends are creepy. Lake Wakatipu is said to be a vast taniwha, a colossal monster lying on its side, with a heart beating in the lake’s center. The beating nature produces the waves you often see on the shore of Lake Wakatipu. 

The Spooky History of Quail Island


Quail Island is only a small ferry drive away from Lyttleton in Christchurch and has a charming and ghostly past. Visit the island to see when the island was used as a quarantine site for people suffering from shipwrecks, leprosy, and graves. Get chills down your spine, experience the creeps, and bring out the fear to fight it at these spookiest places in New Zealand. Make your Delta Airlines Reservations and enjoy a thrilling Holiday visiting the haunted places.

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