Everything You Need To Know When Buying A Fireplace Insert

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Investing in a fireplace insert is an intelligent method to reduce the expense of heating and cooling throughout the year. The typical fireplace is utilized to radiate just 10% of the fire-generating heat and the rest is wasted at the fireplace. A fireplace insert has been built so as to warm up the room most of the fire heat produced.


By installing a fireplace insert, you can boost the thermal efficiency of your fireplace by up to 80%. As well as enhancing your fireplace’s heating capability, an insert can reduce cooling expenditures in spring and summer by keeping the fireplace from becoming out of air conditioning.


Don’t worry if the fireplace insert has never been bought before! It’s easy to get the one that is perfect for your home while following these 4 suggestions to choose a fireplace:

1: Measure your fireplace

Choosing an insert that is the right size for your chimney is vital. Due to the vast diversity of fireplace dimensions, fireplace inserts come in various sizes. You should buy a fireplace insert that fits securely into a firebox or fireplace without additional space.


Before looking for a fireplace insert, you should measure the combustion chamber of your fireplace. Length, depth, and height will need to be known. When you stop at a showroom and meet live models, make sure you wear these measures. If you intend to put an insert in a prefab or factory-built fireplace, also check the handbook of your owner to see if any, which types of inserts are compatible.

2: Decide what kind of fuel you want to use

Another benefit is that you can select the type of fuel when you install a fireplace insert. When a fireplace insert has been placed, you can convert a traditional wood-burning chimney to a gas or pellet chimney. Some things to remember while choosing the sort of fuel that you want to burn your insert for the fireplace:

Wood: Wood is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective fuel. As well as renewable energy, wood is also carbon-neutral, so it produces as much carbon as it would rot in the forest when it is burned. You can feel good knowing that when you burn wood logs, you don’t increase the carbon impact. The negative thing about wood is that it takes more work. You need to collect and split wood, store them in a dry spot, and then fuel the fire. You should also be careful not to sweep the ash regularly from the chimney and clean the chimney more often, to avoid dangerous creosote build-ups (a flammable by-product of combustion).

Pellets: Ecological fuels are also pellets. Pellets are constructed of chips, chips, and bark recycled in wood. Although pellet purchases are more expensive than logging in the forest, they are still a more cost-effective fuel alternative than wood logs. The pellets can be stored in bags that are easy to store. Besides the hassle of harvesting and cutting firewood, if you also have a pellet fireplace insert, you will not have to feed the fire manually. The fireplace pellets of the pellets can be stored in a jacket. The truck feeds the pellets mechanically into the flames if necessary. Before filling the hopper, many pellet stoves can heat up to 36 hours.


Gas: The easiest to use is the gas fireplace inserts. You do not need to bother about collecting or storing gasoline because they are connected to a gas line. Clean combustion is also introduced by the gas fireplace so that you need not worry about building up ash or creosote.


With a gas fireplace insert, the major advantage is that it allows you a large number of customizations and practical functions. From the choice of accent lighting to the choice of artificial logs, stones, and fire glass you may personalize the aesthetic of your fire. With a remote control or thermostat, you may manage the quantity of heat and the size of flames. To insert a gas fireplace in a wood-burning fireplace, you need a propane tank or an entrance to a gas line. Each form of fireplace insert may be found, from modern to traditional, in a range of styles so that you can pick one that suits your decor whether you like pellets or gas. The best fuel is your favorite fuel.

3: Determine how many square feet to heat


You may utilize it to pleasantly heat your home zone when you choose a fireplace insert with the proper heat output. As in the case of an oven, how much square foot you can heat effectively is determined. You could wind up with a model that is not powerful enough to heat the space you need or is too powerful for the place you are in when you don’t know the square footage of the area to heat.


In British thermal units, the heat output of a chimney insert is measured. The fireplace insert with a modest heat output usually offers about 30,000 BTUs per hour. Up to 85,000 BTUs can be produced in an insert with high heat output. The smaller the area, the fewer BTU you have to insert, the less you will heat. You may need a fireplace insert with a high heat output even if you are going to heat a room further, if your home is not well insulated, and/ or you anticipate using the fireplace insert as the primary heating source for your home. A firefighter is the greatest way to find the ideal fireplace insert heat output.

4: Engage your fireplace professional to install


The easiest method to install it safely is to employ a professional, once you have discovered the correct fireplace insert for your property. You might think it’s so simple as to put a fireplace insert in the window, but that it’s harder. The chimney must be cleaned, examined, and lined with a stainless steel flue liner connected to the fireplace insert before installation. If your fireplace insert has any electric components, such as a fan, blowjob, or thermostat, you need to connect it to your power. The gas line or propane tank must be attached if you have a gas fireplace.


Any stalemate during the installation could lead to a safety issue for your fireplace. This is why a professional uses building code to install a fireplace. If the insert is not installed by an expert, many fireplace insert guarantees are worthless. The little expense of hiring an expert to install the insert is undoubtedly worthwhile.

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