Elderly Care: How Does Virtual Reality Benefit Seniors?

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Let’s face it, getting older isn’t easy. Growing older brings with it a slew of issues. The death of a partner, other family members and friends can cause depression in certain older adults. They may also be suffering from health problems that prevent them from partaking in their favourite activities. When people get older, they are more likely to experience depression and alienation, and they need special attention.

While recent technological advances include opportunities for the young to forge new paths every day, they also assist the older generations by creating a portal to the past, thereby propagating the value of elderly care. Virtual Reality, or VR as it is now known, is one such technology that has appeared to resonate with people of all ages. Virtual reality is proving to be an effective medium for bringing social change to many people, including the elderly.

Nursing homes, old age homes, and senior care facilities are using virtual reality to keep their elderly patients alert and amused. VR is now being used to improve the lives of senior citizens by eliminating isolation, enhancing mental health, and moving them to different parts of the world while sitting at home.

Smartphone apps like Proxgy have integrated virtual reality into their services so that the aged can enjoy services like transport and medical treatment from the comfort of their own homes.

Virtual reality, however, has more advantages than many people realise. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got…

Revitalizes the Brain

The brain’s function slows down as people age, so it has to be activated on a regular basis to stay healthy, involved, and receptive. The elderly can not only exercise their brains but also ‘travel’ around the world using virtual reality. This improves their morale while still increasing brain function.

Enhances Relaxation and Positivity

Positive feelings and comfort are important for the elderly, and virtual reality helps them in a variety of ways. Take, for example, virtual travel tours. The elderly will be able to fly to whichever location they choose – whether they want to relive memories or see places they’ve always wished to see in real-time, thanks to Proxgy. They have complete control over their virtual avatar and can lead them at their own pace, at their own time.

Physical Pain Relief

According to studies, the tiniest distractions have the power to reduce discomfort and anxiety. Virtual travel through Proxgy, which involves engaging with a virtual avatar while navigating around beautiful sights around the globe, will help the elderly forget about their daily aches and pains.

Lowers the Risk of Anxiety and Depression

Reduced mobility is an unfortunate side effect of ageing, but with virtual reality by their side, Proxgy can help the elderly adjust to their environments and, as a result, minimise their risk of anxiety and depression.

Senior living communities have made digital engagement platforms an integral part of their operations. Residents can communicate with loved ones and physicians from their rooms or apartments using mobile devices and platforms like Proxgy, which is particularly important during the pandemic.

If appropriately deployed and handled, these VR programmes may help the elderly see faraway areas, surround themselves with animals or nature, and, in some situations, even “stand” in familiar 360-degree environments like a childhood street or schoolyard.

When it comes to elderly care, the advantages of virtual reality extend beyond entertainment. For example, older people who use Proxgy don’t have to think about getting their prescriptions or going to doctor’s appointments alone. All of this and more can be taken care of by the Proxgy user app.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your Proxgy now!

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