Effective Methods for Repairing OST File in Outlook

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OST file refers to the offline storage table which is created by Microsoft Outlook. These files are used to compose emails, read existing emails, delete emails, set reminders, and many more in offline mode. It is responsible for storing a copy of mailbox information from an Office 365, Exchange Server, or Outlook account.

Though the OST files are useful, they are vulnerable too. Sometimes, these OST files of Outlook get corrupted and the user is required to repair Outlook PST before accessing it. So at that time when your Outlook OST files are inaccessible users need an effective method for repairing OST files in Outlook. Now let’s understand the suitable methods to repair the Outlook PST file in detail.

Major Reasons of OST File Corruption in Outlook

There are various reasons for the OST file corruption in Outlook. After OST file corruption, files are completely inaccessible by the users. So before understanding the solution let’s start with all possible reasons for OST data file corruption. 

  • When a user is working on OST data files, then system failure at that time may tend to OST file corruption.

  • Due to virus or malware functioning, unexpected performance of the device may lead OST files to corruption.

  • Unexpected termination of Microsoft Outlook software.

  • Bad internet connection also affects OST data files.

  • Incompatible MS Outlook Plugins are also responsible for OST file corruption.

  • If the file size of the OST data file is large then, it also can cause OST File Corruption.

These reasons are enough to tell you why it is necessary to repair the Outlook PST file. These reasons tend users to perform the repairing task.

Methods to Repair Corrupted OST File in Outlook

Different Methods of repairing OST files are available for users. Let’s understand- 

Method 1: Using Built-in scanost.exe Tool

This built-in tool is provided by Microsoft to users for repairing OST data files with ease. This utility is free of cost. Follow below steps to repair outlook pst – 

Step 1: Go to drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12 (the destination folder path may differ depending on your Outlook version) and click on the Scanost.exe file.

Step 2: Next, If you have multiple logged-in Outlook accounts in your system then, a window will pop-up. Simply select the corrupted OST file which you want to repair and move forward.

Step 3: If a window will pop-up to Work Offline press the Connect button and select the option according to your wish.

Step 4: At last, choose the repair errors checkbox to fix errors while scanning the OST file Outlook. After it, click on the Scan button to start the repairing process.

Note – Close the outlook application before starting the OST file repair process. 

Now, your corrupted Outlook OST files are repaired successfully. If you are finding the above solution difficult and not working for you then, you have to follow the next method – 

Method 2: Using Update Folder Option

Follow these steps to repair your corrupted OST Data files using the Update folder feature – 

Step 1:  Firstly, right-click on the OST file folder, and select the Properties option.

Step 2: In the next displayed dialogue box, click on the Clear Offline Items option.

Step 3: Click ok to move forward.

Step 4: Now, click on Send/Receive in the Outlook ribbon.

Step 5: At last, click on Update Folder to save the changes.

Now, your corrupted OST files are repaired successfully using the Update folder feature.

The above-explained manual methods can resolve your problem of repairing corrupted Outlook PST Data files, but there are some issues in repairing through manual methods. Few major limitations are listed below –

  • The scanost.exe software is unavailable in Outlook 2010, 2013, or later release.

  • No guarantee for the safety of the data during the repair process.

  • This is only capable of repairing only small OST file corruption issues.

  • It is not sure to recover data from the corrupted OST data files.

To avoid the above limitations, the use of the effective method for repairing OST files in Outlook is advised to the users. So let’s understand the best and effective method to repair corrupted OST files of Outlook.

An Effective Method for Repairing OST File in Outlook

If the explained manual methods seem to be tricky and complex for you to perform then, you can opt for an effective method such as the OST file repair tool to repair corrupted Outlook PST files. OST Repair Tool is the best and effective software that repairs corrupted Outlook PST data files with ease. This software allows users to recover and convert the corrupted data files into different file formats such as PST, PDF, MSG, etc. It offers three modes of recovery for users. 


As the above write-ups, we understood the major reasons for the Outlook PST file corruption and the manual predefined methods of repairing that corrupted OST data file. The manual methods come with certain limitations, so the effective and best method for repairing OST files in Outlook is explained at last. The use of an effective Software method like the OST File Recovery Tool is preferred to repair Outlook OST easily.


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