East Facing House in Indian Real Estate

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Vastu is something we all have somewhere heard about but doesn,t actually know about it thoroughly, for that example how does it actually work?! Come, let me take you on a short iteration of it, so as to get an in-depth understanding of it. It has some principles that innately work together for the betterment of everyone, but can act as a two-edged sword as well, if not taken care of carefully. It is in fact, based on various energies namely Solar Energy, Cosmic Energy, Thermal Energy, Lunar Energy, Wind Energy, Magnetic Energy and Light Energy.

These energies can bring peace, happiness and prosperity for your house if taken care of carefully if not then like I said earlier it can prove to be quite costly as well. Now you must be thinking as to what exactly needs to be done in order to make these innately magical things works for you. Well, here we are with a few things or so, that can actually work for you in a great way. People generally prefer two types of orientations; either North or East. As per in accordance with Vastu Shastra guidelines, East-facing properties are somewhat believed to be good for planning buildings and multi-storey apartments.

Besides all this, the principles and rules involved in Vastu need to be taken care of as well at the same time, so as to make it work for you well. But, it is actually not only about the direction, as well as the placement of each and every part of the house, that in fact matters equally. From the placement of rooms, other parts of the house to the entrance, each and every place has its own significance and works together for the good. There are quite a few things that one should consider while planning or selecting a home in the East-facing direction:

1. Walls of the north and east orientation, ought to be a little shorter and thinner than those in the south and west.

2. The kitchen ought to be planned in either the south-east or the north-west direction.

3. Plan your kitchen in such a manner that you face either east (in a south-east kitchen) or west (in a north-west kitchen), while cooking.

4. The guest room ought to be placed in the north-west direction.

5. The Pooja room and the living room must be in the north-east direction.

6. A plot that slopes from south to north is believed to be good.

7. A master bedroom of the south-west orientation is considered the best.

8. There ought to be no bedroom, toilets and septic tanks in the north-east corner.

9. The kitchen must not be planned in the north-east corner.

10. No big trees ought to be planted in the northern and eastern side of the house.

11. There must be no clutter, dirt, dustbins, etc., in the north and north-east corner.

12. Leave more open space in the eastern and northern side of the house.

13. The boundary wall should be higher in the southern and western side of the plot.

14. Avoid buying property, which is attached to the land in the south or west direction.

15. A property that has a plot attached to it in the northern direction, believed to be lucky and brings affluence and a good Fate.

Hence, in a nutshell, all these things are vital and work together to make a home providential for you.

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