Ear Aesthetic Surgery

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The article completes its development around the age of 6 on average. The recommended period for prominent ear aesthetics , which is defined as an aesthetic deformity, is the period before starting school. Because when the child reaches the school starting age, the circle of friends with which he / she communicates one-on-one becomes more wider and his children have a much more sensitive emotional structure during this period. Making fun of the appearance of the ears of children with this problem and wearing nicknames that the child will feel ashamed affects very deeply. This situation may cause a lack of self-confidence and may feel the need to hide their ears and hair by growing them later. Therefore, ear aesthetics in preschool period Although it is more appropriate, it can be corrected at any age, optionally.

Prominent Ear Surgery

Before starting the prominent ear surgery operation, a meeting is made with the patient and in this meeting, the patient’s complaints about the ear and post-operative expectations are evaluated first. After the interview, the ears are photographed from different angles and the patient is informed about the expected image and shape after the ear aesthetic operation. The conditions of the operated ears before and after the operation are also shown to the patient.

Prominent ear surgery Preparation and Operation Process

Aspirin and its derivatives should be discontinued until 1 week before the ear surgery. However, if there is a drug that needs to be used continuously, the doctor should be consulted before discontinuation. It is recommended not to smoke for a while before and after ear aesthetics. If a woman who will undergo the operation and having a period on the date of the operation does not cause any problems. On the day of ear aesthetic surgery, women should come to the hospital without using hair gel, jewelery, makeup, and at the same time wear comfortable clothes.

The patient should be in the hospital 1 hour before the operation. Before the prominent ear surgery, local or general anesthesia is applied to the patient depending on the situation. The operation is very simple and safe. There are no stitch marks on the visible parts of the ear. The operation is performed with an average 3 cm incision made from the back of the ear. Shapes suitable for the cartilage are made and then fixed with permanent stitches. At the end of the ear aesthetic surgery, the ear skin is stitched with melting stitches and then the ear is wrapped with a bandage. Since the stitch used is a melting stitch, it does not need to be removed. The duration of prominent ear surgery varies between half an hour and 2 hours, depending on the operation performed.

Ear Aesthetics Prices

Prominent ear aesthetics prices vary depending on the type of surgery performed the plastic surgeon in Islamabad, the hospital where the surgery is performed, the age of the person and whether it is performed with general or local anesthesia.

What should be considered after the surgery?

The day after ear surgery, the dressing is changed and a hair band with a consistency that will not tighten the entire ear is attached. This tape should be worn continuously for about 3 weeks. In this way, the load on the stitches holding the cartilage that wants to return to its previous state is reduced. The cartilage hardens and heals in its new position. Another function of the hair band is to reduce edema in the first days after ear aesthetics, to improve the swelling a little faster and to prevent the ear from rubbing or straining the pillow while sleeping.
There may be numbness in the ear for several weeks. During this period, hair drying and blow dry procedures should be avoided.

Will there be any scars after ear aesthetics?

The surgical incision made for ear aesthetics is at the back of the article. This scar is not visible when the head is viewed from behind after ear aesthetics. However, it can be seen by pulling out the ear. This scar gradually decreases in 6-12 months and becomes almost indistinct.

What are the problems that may occur after ear aesthetics?

  • Blood collection in the ear (hematoma) as a result of the bleeding that can be seen after every surgery can also be after ear aesthetic surgery. This can be easily noticed and corrected by draining the blood with a syringe.
  • The probability of developing an infection in cartilage tissue is very difficult. This situation is further reduced with the measures taken. However, if this occurs, it may distort the shape of the ear. Cartilage transfer may be required with a second surgery.
  • Many patients already have some asymmetry before surgery. Sometimes ear surgery is required to ensure symmetry, even if there is little problem in one ear to ensure symmetry. Since both ears cannot be seen and operated at the same time, it is very difficult to achieve full symmetry. But when the ear gets rid of the prominent appearance, it becomes less visible in asymmetries.
  • Patients with prominent ears are generally happier the closer the ear is to the head. However, this situation gives an unnatural appearance to the ears. For this reason, ears should be brought close to the head sufficiently with ear aesthetics. As the edema in the ears, which looks like this in the first postoperative period, decreases, a more natural appearance occurs.
  • Sometimes, 4-5 months after surgery, stitches placed on the ear may try to come out by making acne. If this happens, consult your doctor. This area is cleaned with dressing and stitches are taken. There is no harm in removing the stitches. The ear has always taken its new shape.

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