What is Drug addiction?

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Addiction means physical and psychological inability to stop the use of drugs, substances, or chemicals though it is harmful to health. It is not only meant that a person using alcohol or heroin is an addict. Eating more than need, tobacco using like chain-smoking is also an addiction. After becoming addicted, a person cannot control it. He becomes dependent on it to cope the daily life challenges. Most of the young generation starts to use chemical, smoking; drinking alcohol voluntarily as a fashion and after some time they lose their control on it. One of the reasons for addiction or using alcohol and heroine is unemployment. when a person could not meet house expenses daily and emergency expenses, he becomes frustrated and want to get rid of these situations so, he starts smoking or drinking alcohol to get mentally and physically satisfaction and alter the mind from worries.

Symptoms of Addiction:

Addicted persons show some special behavior and habits through which they can be easily identified. Losing interest in many activities and behavior disturbance is the most common one. He is involved in the uncontrollable use of drugs although it can be harmful to health. Relationship difficulties, they do not take any interest in family matters. Live an isolated life. Hiding their problems and avoid telling them the injuries and misshape occurred with them. No hygiene, remain ugly. In a severe drug addiction case when a person could not meet the expenses he starts begging even start to steal things from bazaars.

Treatment choices for addicted persons:

Medical science has evolved some processes to diagnose and manage the addiction by different methods. These methods are adopted in treatment and rehabilitation centers. There are many addiction treatments and rehabilitation centers are in Lahore which is providing services for the treatment and bring back these peoples towards a normal life. Koshish clinic is the most prominent institution providing its expertise for the management and rehabilitation of addicted and incapable persons. It is the full facility addiction treatment center in Lahore. Koshish clinic has different departments to deal with the patients according to their needs. The addiction management department is specialized to treat Alcohol, Heroin, drugs, and cocaine addiction.

Koshish clinic is ideally located on khayaban e Jinnah road, OPF society, Lahore. The neat and clean new constructed building, clean environment, and all the necessary facilities available show the commitment of staff to bring the isolated, neglected persons back in functional life with full interest and capacity. Doctors and paramedical staff fully equipped with the latest scientific knowledge and research always use the best methods and techniques with addicted persons. Psychologists and doctors with their friendly behavior and attitude provide the counseling individually and if needed in groups to the patients. One can contact Koshish clinic with faith and confidence to treat and rehabilitate his beloved one from any addiction and psychological problem. He will never be disappointed.

Psychotherapy; an essential part of addiction treatment

Psychological wing in Koshish clinic deals with mental illness treatment, Bipolar disorder treatment, schizophrenia treatment. Children psychological and behavioral issues are also addressed here in detail like issues of Aggression, Hyperactivity, Thumb sucking, Nail biting, Bedwetting, and other disorders. A psychologist is able to deal with all the serious issues competently and encourage the patient to leave these poor habits. A positive attitude towards therapy enables the patients to recover faster. With the guidance and motivation, the patient feels strong and feels that he can return to his normal life. Some patients when come to get treatment, have a severe condition. They need long term counseling sessions even after the treatment has ended and has been discharged from the hospital.


Medicine treatment is not essential for patients who have a disorder at the beginning level. When the condition has prevailed to a serious level, complete medical treatment is followed by admission to the center. Patients are given nutrition in artificial ways because he is not able to eat proper food and digest it. The patient is involved in healthy activities like walk, exercise, yoga, and other programs. It enhances the effect of treatment and creates positivity in patients. Though it is a long process when the patient recovers, his complete family is satisfied and relaxed as they get back their loved one again.

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