Drug addiction: Big challenge to quit

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A drug is any material other than food and water that, when ingested, changes the physical or psychological functions of the body. Drug addiction can be described as a condition caused by a shift in brain chemistry due to drug use. It also involves illegal substance use, which harms one’s health, relationships, work, and other daily life functions.

Addiction to drugs has recently been a national issue. Not only in Pakistan but also in other nations, the proportion of drug-affected patients is increasing over time. Individuals’ drug use tends to vary; certain particular medications can hyper or stimulate the brain, but certain substances are permitted by physicians in some cases, but patients continue to use them.

When someone asks you to stop using drugs and starts living a healthier life, it sounds really good but it is extremely complicated in fact. Addiction has a powerful effect on the body that is difficult to resist because the addiction triggers the addict not to relax until he does the same drug again. It has a detrimental impact on health and can also lead to death due to unhealthy living conditions.

Hard to quit!

How badly the patient wishes to leave but is unable to do so. It’s how the drugs had taken over his brain functions. When the nervous system crashes, the person loses control of himself. His expectations, feelings, and actions all change dramatically. He gradually becomes disconnected from his family and friends. His work and other duties remain in poor condition. The longer a person is engaged in this habit, the longer it will take to get him back to normal life.

Nothing is impossible with your will

If a drug dosage is missing, the patient’s restlessness is excruciating. With today’s new medical technology, it is now possible to fully relieve a drug-addicted patient. So what you are thinking to do with it? To begin your recovery, you must report to the closest substance abuse treatment facility. Whatever medicine you’re using, whether it’s heroin, alcohol, antidepressants, or anything else, it can be treated with proper medical guidance.

Koshish Clinic is a drug addiction treatment center in Lahore that has been actively treating drug-abused persons for a long time. Patients report to the center from far-flung areas because of the center’s experience in medical healthcare.

Why Koshish clinic?

There are several drug care clinics in Pakistan, so why should you go to Koshish Clinic? This is because of the number of patients who have been successfully cured, thanks to the efforts of medical doctors and psychiatrists. Families of patients tend to join the centers that have a strong reputation, as per what we have seen.

What Koshish clinic offers?

ü Better facilities

The Koshish clinic offers specialized care in the center to support people with severe drug abuse. If the patient needs to be taken to the hospital, the center has everything he or she needs. He is being treated with advanced medications based on the patient’s needs. To prevent any difficulties, all machinery and medications are available at the core.

ü Advance medical care

All of the physicians and paramedics have received extensive training in dealing with addicted patients. Specialized seminars and pieces of training are conducted regularly to hold their therapeutic approach up to date and advanced. It is for this purpose that they listen to each patient individually, based on his or her diagnosis.

ü Best psychological treatment

Drug use has a significant impact on the brain, and a psychologist is important in reestablishing all brain functions. Along with medications, they continue to advise people to determine the underlying causes of depression and to recommend alternatives to him rather than seeking alternative avenues to avoid fear. Psychological consultation is so helpful to patients that others report doing much happier as a result of it.

Affected people can discover clues to learn about their issues freshly and differently with the aid of psychiatric therapy.  The challenges that were a major concern and that may have been the trigger for drug abuse, seem to be resolvable. In drug treatment facilities, there are various strategies like group meetings that allow people to share their problems and seek new ways to cope.


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