Drug addiction And role of Rehab centers

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Drug addiction is a serious problem which is tremendously increasing day by day due to the availability of drugs and the desire of addicted person for more intakes. It is another discussion that what are the main reasons for which an individual has started drug addiction but its consequences are very bad on health. Addicted person reaches to a condition when their family members also do not want to go near to them. They cannot care of themselves, not eat properly and live in a dirty condition. They look miserable at first sight, also ugly in appearance.

Pakistan is a country where drugs are banned but still the ratio of addicted persons is rising. Some drugs are those which are given for a certain treatment but their prolong usage is inhibited. The individuals, when take in treatment; find relief, so that continue using them in future for getting calm. Their body gets use to of these medicines, so they enhance the dosage to get relief. Some drugs are even not prescribed in medical treatment and have very bad effect on physical and mental health. But people do not consider their side effects in front of the relief they get for a short time after taking the drug. Their normal capacities start degrading by the effect of drugs and he is involved in psychological issues which not only disturbs his family life but also his social life.

In this article, we have discussed the effect of drugs and the role of rehab centers for treating drug addicted persons.

Types of drugs used by addicted persons

There is not a single drug which is used by the persons but a number of drugs are present. Mostly, the individuals who start taking the one type of drug and get relief from their worries; continue using it. Some individuals are involved in addiction of more than one type of drugs. Most commonly used drugs are Marijuana, Heroin, morphine, various types of alcohols and a number of psychoactive drugs. Some drugs suppress the nervous system and the individual goes to the unconscious state while some drugs hyperactive the person. Both of them are dangerous to health.

Rehab centers

Rehabilitation center; often called “Rehab” are the specialized centers whose focus is to treat the drug addicted patients with proper medication. They are not only limited to treat the patients with medicines but also they work to restore the normal mental abilities of the patient with the help of psychological counseling. They hire the best qualified psychiatrists and doctors and train them to specifically treat drug addicted patients. It is the reason that rehab centers helps in the recovery of hundreds of drug addicted patients each year.

As in other countries, Pakistan also has a number of rehab centers which are run by government as well as various NGO’s. Both are working for the welfare of people. In Punjab, Innovative Zone Rehabilitation (IZR) is the best drug rehab center in Lahore with a highly professional team of medical specialists. It is located in the area of Gulberg, a well known area in Lahore. The doctors are available all the time to receive the patients. It has all the treatment facilities either to treat by admitting in the hospital or by prescribing medicines to take at home. Treatment period varies for each person as per the type of drug he is addicted.

Is it possible to get completely treated in rehab centers?

Yes. Surely it is possible to get completely recovered from drug addiction but it varies from person to person. There are various factors to count. Some patients which are in early condition can be recovered only with psychological counseling while some severely addicted patients take a long time to recover. It usually takes weeks to months and even psychological counseling sessions for the rest of life. It is because their circumstances are those for which they can be again the victim of drug addiction. Counseling plays a crucial role throughout the whole procedure as it encourages the patient towards recovery. Highly trained psychologists at Innovative Zone Rehabilitation center particularly focus to treat the patients by motivating them towards normal life.


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