Does short hair make you look older or younger?

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Nothing beats the feeling of getting the perfect haircut that compliments your face and style. Bad haircut styles will make you lose your confidence and age you considerably. The good news, huh? It’s easy to find out if your hair makes you look older than you are without spending any time and resources.

You can put high-end lotions and hope for the best, but what’s going to make you look younger with an ideal hairstyle? Perfect hair cutting style for females will emphasize your face and make you look more youthful with high cheekbones, bold brows, and full luscious lips. 

Wine, like women, gets better with age. Pair any outfit with the perfect short hairstyle to look fresh and young. How do you know what hairstyle to get and if short hair makes you look older or younger? Keep reading to find out.

The million-dollar question: Does short hair makes you look older or younger?

Short hair will make you look younger as you age compared to long hair. As ladies get to a particular age, they get a shorter haircut. Why? It is because they know short hair makes you look less tired, more youthful, and it shows off your features flawlessly. 

Not all short hair makes you look younger. Are you confused? Your hairstyle makes an impression faster than your actions can. Let’s say you are 50 years old. Would you want short hair with a buzz cut and neon highlights?

To help you maneuver through these confusing short hairstyles, I present you with a list of ladies’ hair designs you must try and how to avoid hairstyles that age you.

  1. When is your hair too long?

Ladies can rock long hair, to a certain point. Maintaining long hair as you age will make you look older and more tired than you are. When is your hair is too long? 

Hair experts advise that once your hair passes your ribs, get it cut as soon as possible. Why? Because it makes you look like your hair is wearing you instead of vice versa. Hair thins as we age, and long hair makes it worse.

Below are four short hairstyles to make you look younger.

1.The Bob

Get an eternal bob that is one or two inches past your chin. This haircut will help you look attractive at any age. Bob, with layers and depth, offers a fuller head of hair. Bobs will make you feel lighter and young. 

2.Shoulder Length Haircut

This shoulder-length haircut is ideal if you want to find the perfect balance between long and short hair. Shoulder-length hair with any natural color will frame your face. Adding layered hair styles to get more flow lets your personality shine, and composite layers or asymmetrical layers result in a flattering illusion.

3.Talk to my Bangs

Bangs make your face seem smaller and adds a youthful touch to your face. Getting the length of your bangs will make or break your look. Bangs will conceal the fine lines on your forehead but short enough not to cover your beautiful eyes are the perfect bangs. Go for side-swept bangs, straight clean bangs, or v-shape bangs that are moody but stunning.

4.Pixie Cut

Pixie cut shows off your ears and ear accessories with longer hair at the top. It enhances your features, such as your eyes and cheekbones. It takes confidence to pull off this haircut. Pamper your hair with hair products to avoid limp and flat pixie cut.

Below are four hairstyles that age you. Don’t let a lousy haircut add years to your appearance.


Bouffants hairstyles with hair raised high at the crown that covers your ears add years to your look. This hairstyle is as old as time, and wearing this hairstyle will only make you look like you were still living in the 19th Century. 

2. Ultra Short Curls

Ultra short curl is a high-maintenance hairstyle that only makes you look older. If you have thin hair, ultra-short curls only make it more noticeable. 

3. Tiny Bangs

Tiny bangs make the lines on your forehead more prominent. Opt for side-swept bangs that will make you look graceful and beautiful.

4.Pin-Up Curls

Pin-up curls were a hair trend in the early 70s and late 80s. This hairstyle is better known as “grandma hairstyle” in the present. There are hairstyles from the past that were trendy but currently have lost their appeal, and the rolls are one of them. 

Looking young doesn’t mean you wear your hairstyles from high school. Hairstyles and trends are continually changing. Embrace your age with the perfect short hair that makes you look eternally beautiful.

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