Do Not Believe These 6 Thing About Custom Playing Card Boxes

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In the marketplace, many rumors keep on circulating with each passing day. The playing card boxes are no exception. The primary purpose of this is to drive the people away from getting the benefits from these rich-featured packages. They have great security features, and their effectiveness in protecting the fragile playing cards cannot be challenged. High-end materials such as cardboard and corrugated cardstock are chiefly used in their fabrication process. This is why they prove favorable for the environment and nature. Not just that, they can be used by any business for the effective promotion of its brand to the masses. Let us review the most common myths about playing card packages.

They are prone to damage:

One commonly mistaken belief regarding the custom playing card boxes is that they are vulnerable to damage. This belief has no ground reality. This is because these packages are made from quality materials that possess higher durability and stiffness. The ability of these boxes to offer great resistance against all potentially damaging elements negates this false impression. When you are shipping your products inside these packages, the absolute protection and safety of your delicate items are assured. They do not let the air containing the harmful chemicals and dust particles enter inside. Not just that, but they are also quite effective in keeping the effects of humidity and UV light at bay. The increasing or decreasing temperature cannot break them due to their temperature-resistive features. If you want to make them more effective against moisture, you can laminate them in this case.

They are expensive:

A great misapprehension vis-à-vis custom playing card boxes is that they are pretty expensive and out of the budget for many businesses. However, this is not the case as they are affordable for all the companies irrespective of the fact whether they are large or small. You must know that these packages are made from quality materials that are readily available at a relatively lower cost. This helps the manufacturers lessen their production cost and, thus, the overall cost by a significant margin. The cost-effectiveness of these packages is not only limited to the manufacturing process but also helps in lowering the shipping costs. Are you wondering how this is possible? Well, their feature of being extremely lighter in weight helps you achieve that easily. The lighter the weight, the lesser will be the fuel consumed, and as a result, more money will be saved. Buying the wholesale playing card boxes can lower your costs further.

Harmful for the environment:

Most of the people in the market make an assumption regarding the playing card packages that they contribute to polluting the environment. But the reality is completely different as they are perfectly good for the environment. The secret behind the environmentally friendly nature of these packages lies in the use of eco-friendly materials in their production. The original source of these materials is wood pulp, which is why these packages are regarded as eco-friendly. They have a critical role in lowering the carbon footprint, which is beneficial not only for the ecosystem but also for the promotion of businesses. You can recycle them with ease as no dyes or coatings are used in their production process. Their reusable nature results in the contraction of the waste in the landfills as they do not go to garbage once you have utilized the product inside.

No marketing potential:

The potential of the custom playing card packages to be used as a marketing tool for the brands is unquestionable. But there are many people who doubt this potential. The printable nature of these boxes enables the manufacturers to promote their products and the respective brands to the masses with ease. With them, you do not need to pay extra money to promotional platforms such as digital and print media. You can launch all your promotional stuff on this unique platform for which you do not need to pay any money. All your branding elements can be incorporated into the packaging design, such as your brand’s unique logo, name, contact address, etc. Other details about your products which are essential for promotion, can also be added, and they are ready to get you promoted in the market.

Not best for gifting purpose:

A handy portion of the public believes that the custom playing card packages are not a sound option for gifting purposes. However, they do not have any logic behind this assumption. The reality is that you can use these packages for gifting the playing cards to people. They look elegant and can be made more alluring further. You can capitalize on their printable nature to print various kinds of designs that match the event on which you are gifting the playing cards to the people. They can elevate the experience of your loved ones as they will enhance the perceived value of your gift items in their eyes. This will showcase how much do you love them and care about them.

Lack of customization options:

There is no limit on customization options for the playing card packages, which many people think. You can customize them in many ways, such as customization of their shapes, sizes, styles, and designs. Their flexibility enables you to change their shape according to the specific needs or as per the likings of the target audience. Similarly, you can print them with various designs which make them look elegant and enhance their visual aesthetics. You can change their size, which fits precisely according to the dimensions of the playing cards inside. Apart from that, you can apply various color themes, patterns, and stylization effects to increase their visual display and graphics.

There are many misunderstandings about the playing card boxes which need to be cleared. This guide will clear all your concepts and misconceptions concerning these boxes. They are not vulnerable to the damage at all and have a sustainable nature which is good for the environment. Besides, they can effectively promote your brand and allow you to customize them in a way you want.

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