Different Funding Options for Dissertations Available In UK Universities

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The UK is a very popular place for students to come for higher studies as it offers them a favourable academic environment and helps them support themselves. Students enrolling in PhD programs must submit a dissertation as part of their coursework. To complete their research, the students often need funding from some sources. Getting the right funding can play a primary role in achieving their goals and dreams. So, keeping this difficulty in mind, today’s article lists different funding options available to students.

Why do students need funding for their dissertations? 

Students need to take their dissertation writing very seriously. Their grade, as well as their future, depends on how well they handle their dissertation. However, conducting research and spending time on an academic task requires a lot of time and funds to hire a dissertation writing service. Not every student is self-sufficient or has the financial backing to start writing a dissertation. Students are always worried about how they can fund their research. They are also worried about their research expenses. It is why many students need to secure funding from different sources.

Different Funding Options Available in UK Universities 

Students must take an active part and work hard to find the best options. The better the search and the more actively they pursue their case, the better results they can enjoy. This article discusses the top funding options available for UK students. It also discusses how students can avail themselves in moving forward with their dissertation writing project. A brief description of all the funding options available to them is as follows:

1.     Research Council Funding:

The research council at UK universities offers grants to students for their dissertations. This grant is offered to those who belong to the UK or European Union EU. These funds are non-repayable, meaning students do not have to pay them back. This funding option covers at least three to four years of study, depending on the program and the students’ academic performance. The students must pass the research council requirements to apply for this funding option.

2.     Postgraduate Loan:

It is a relatively new option for students. It has been specifically introduced for UK national or EU nationals students who live in the UK. With this loan, the students can look forward to getting a loan of up to £25,000. The good thing about this funding option is that the students can borrow money regardless of their financial condition.

3.     Sponsorship By Employer:

Most students work and study at the same time. The added qualification of the students will not only help them but also benefit their employer in the long run. It is why employers can sponsor you to complete your dissertation. This option is the most difficult to grab among all other funding options. To get employer sponsorship, students must make their case as strong as possible. They need to outline what they are studying, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. Most importantly, students must demonstrate the effect the dissertation will bring to their work performance. It will help the employer determine how the student’s work will benefit his company in the long run.

4.     Studentships:

It is one of the most commonly used funding options by students worldwide. Students from any country and university can secure this type of funding. It can lessen the financial pressure related to dissertation writing a lot. These loans are mostly offered to science, technology, engineering, and medical students. However, there are also exceptional cases. Students can secure these loans to move forward in their academic careers most efficiently.

5.     Crowdfunding:

It is a way of collecting money from friends, family, and strangers ready to help someone. The students need to market themselves the right way to secure this funding. They must put forward the proposition in a way that impresses others, and they agree to fund their project. Crowdfunding might take a long time. It requires talking to several parties, convincing them, and getting the funds. So, students must keep this aspect in mind and begin preparations well before time.


There are various ways of securing funds for dissertations and research in the UK. It is up to the students to decide which of the abovementioned funding options is suitable. Whether it is a studentship or a research council grant does not matter; you must focus on completing your dissertation on time without any financial stress.


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