Difference between English Private School tutor and English Government Tutor

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Difference between English Private School tutor and English Government Tutor

Whether you like it or dislike it, the fact is that English plays an important role in all kinds of school curriculum. And, no student can deny the importance of good English skills as a native speaker and how vital it is to take online English tuition classes. Taking classes from an English Private tutor rather than from Government Tutor can help have a good command over English. English is important in many essential aspects of life, and this is the reason why we can’t afford to study it language on its own and taking Home Tuition is the best alternative.

For many students, English might be an easy subject but many students find it daunting to understand the chapters. They need encouragement and correct guidance from an online English tutor with the education delivered at their school so that they can improve their scores. Ziyyara’s one-to-one tutoring provided by English home tutor is completely personalised keeping in mind the overall needs and requirements of students.

All the school going children who need to become an expert in reading, writing, and speaking can get the right online English tutor at Ziyyara who helps them move on the right track. Extra-curricular activities included in Ziyyara classes help learn English spellings and much more.

If you are not persuaded even now as well, then check out some of the fantastic reasons to enroll in private English lessons rather than enrolling with a Government Tutor offering online English tuition.

Online Tutoring Tailored at Ziyyara

Our USP is that education offered by us can be customized, we deliver one-to-one classes so that no one has to compromise with their studies. All of our English tutors have customized the classes as per the learning pattern of the schoolchildren which simply is not possible if you opted for English tuition classes from any government tutor.

English tutors introduce different and more innovative ways with students so that they can easily understand the concepts. Another advantage of tailored teaching is learning at an individual pace. Unlike taking classes from a government tutor, students at Ziyyara will never be left behind the course curriculum, in fact all the syllabus will be completed on time.

Our English tutors stay committed that children completely understand all the aspects of English and have made all the topics clear and understood before they move on to the next topics. All these things make tuition for English from a private tutor more comfortable. Friendly learning environment is created so that students don’t have to face any pressure or shame to meet with others’ pace at all.

One can learn in a lot of different ways in a private tutoring that helps let your child grow faster.

Private teaching helps boost your English abilities

Some of the most mutual subjects taught to students include Maths, English, Science, Accounts, etc. and based on the stream chosen, one can pick any subject. But one subject remains the same in all the streams and it is English. Studying and thoroughly learning English in school is of utmost important as a lot of topics that are used in our day-to-day life are included in English. From reading a newspaper to checking an email, one must have knowledge of English. Thus no one can afford to neglect English as later it will impact your life.

Reading and writing skills are important especially when you are giving exams or entering the world of work, no one wants to appoint an employee with no knowledge of English. Getting support from a tutor at online home tuition for English can bring a significant difference in the overall quality of teaching.

Helps complete the syllabus within time

Another important motive of all the schoolchildren taking assistance from an online English home tutor is to avoid staying back in the class. Many times, it becomes difficult for the children to match with the pace of other students, thus they are not able to keep up with their peers. But while taking private English tutor classes, students get complete academic support and if any chapter is missed out in the class, children can ask for the support.

We at Ziyyara completely understand that each child learns at his/her pace, so we respect their skills and don’t force them to complete the course under any pressure. Appointing a one-to-one online home English teacher is an ideal way to be sure that your children are getting the right kind of assistance needed based on their likings.

With the growing demand for online English tutor, getting an online tutor is not an annoying task anymore. But one needs to be extra careful while appointing any English tutor near me so that they don’t drain out their hard earned money. Thus it is important to have a quick research online and check all the reviews before appointing a private tutor, make sure that the tutor meets your financial and educational requirements.


If you want to look for the best education without burning your pocket, it is never too late to get in touch with us for the best Online Tuition English tutor.

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