Standout Tips And Aspects You Need To Know Before Developing An Uber Like App

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One adjective to describe the economy would be rapid. Conventional businesses are all a matter of being old-fashioned. Every business person, irrespective of their stages in the entrepreneurial journey be it budding or experienced, have to adapt and is adapting to technological advancements and retrieving the benefits.

And by technological advances, I presume that you have understood what I’m talking about: online business apps. Sectors like grocery, apparel, home décor accessories, food, etc., are the household names that come to everyone’s mind while discussing online business apps.


One such niche is the online taxi booking app, which has evolved into the most potent business opportunity over the last few years. It makes way for not only making millions but also to mark the title as a successful businessperson.


The trend of investing in ride-hailing services started with the success of the Uber app. If you are one of the entrepreneurs who want to build a taxi booking app like Uber, then you are welcome.


Here are the answers to the confusion that is arising in your mind about the taxi booking app development.


Why an Uber-like app?

You might have a question of why we should take Uber as a standard model for building a taxi booking app. It’s natural. So, here is your answer:


  1. It was founded in the year 2009, and Uber has completed more than 5 billion rides.

  2. In the United States alone, Uber caters to 40 million rides a month.

  3. It reported, “Monthly Active Platform Consumers” of 91 million in the year 2018.

  4. Uber has a presence across 700 cities in 63 countries.

  5. The workforce of Uber is 40.9% of women.

  6. Globally, 15 million trips are completed in a single day by Uber alone.


Now you know why we are taking Uber as the standard app for any taxi business. Now that we have seen its purpose and have decided it as a model, before jumping into the development or tips of an app, we must know about what future this business holds. So, let’s take a broader view of the statistics of the online taxi booking business.


Forecasting the future of the taxi booking business:

As we have already seen in the first line of the blog, in case you forgot, the online taxi booking apps are growing at a rapid rate. Not just Uber, but the global online taxi booking industry is flourishing as well. 


The revenue of the business was $183.677 million in 2019, which is expected to grow by a CAGR of 14.8% that is $318.765 million by 2023. The online users count from 13.5% in the year 2019 is also expected to grow by 20.0% by 2023. By seeing these figures, the indication is clear that the potential growth won’t stop anytime in the online taxi booking business.


Key steps to create a taxi booking application:

There are some things that you need to concentrate on, before getting into taxi app development.


→ Choose a niche:

By doing a complete and proper study of the prospects, find a niche that has relatively low competition. This will help you to build a customer base and effective market penetration quickly.


→ Do complete research:

Knowing what features you are going to add to the app, can be of great use since you can bring in some fresh and unique features that any other apps don’t have. By this, you can attract a large user base. In case you are one of the experienced players, you may consider editing and updating your existing app to make it better and useful.


→ Note down the details:

Documentation is a must before creating the app since it would comprise technical details, features, the architecture of the app, requirements, and the tech stack that are going to be used.


→ Choose the right development method:

Creating an app like Uber can be an arduous task. Multiple testing is mandatory to resolve the logical and technical errors for a smoother app. These can be taken care of by web, software, and mobile development companies; however, if you go for Uber Clone scripts for advanced taxi booking app development. They don’t need you to pay attention to every detail of the development process. 


Tips that can help you compete with Uber:

Executing and developing an app can be a standalone story, while what’s going to extraordinary and the purpose of your app is another story. You have to provide something special to your users, which can not only sustain existing users but can also bring in new users. 


It is possible only when you offer a unique value proposition to the end-users, which would make their experience more attractive and satisfactory.


→ The value proposition for Passengers:

  • Real-time tracking of the driver

  • Fixed fares for trips to airports and railway stations

  • Estimated fares based on the pickup and drop location

  • Special deal for the first time user

  • Discounts on a special occasion


→ The value proposition for drivers:

  • Maximum insurance coverage

  • Easy registration

  • Flexible working hours

  • Possibility to earn in peak hours.

→ Adhere the app with ecological issues:

Since people are becoming more and more concerned with pollution, environment-friendly taxis like Green Cans taxis can be used as an option. Also, electrically charged vehicles can be preferred. These are some sustainable options.

Apart from that, you could also go by bike. People can choose either taxi or bike-taxis to zip through heavy traffic as they are easy modes of commuting.



As you have reached the end of the blog, you now know what things to do before development. Get to the development companies that offer a readymade app like Uber and launch your wagon into the taxi industry to have a humongous success.


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