Design Cereal Boxes To Grab Kid’s Attention

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A box used to pack and sell the cereal is called a cereal box. It is preferably for kids. That is why more than 75% of cereal boxes have Cartoon characters on the packaging, which increases the perception of the product among children. Studies have shown that a cartoon character on breakfast cereals has a substantial impact on kids. Since time has changed a lot in this era, people are getting busy day by day.

They like to have shortcuts and ready to make meals. Mornings can be stressful, rushy, and panicking when you are getting your kids ready for school and yourself for office; well, cereal has made this easy for you if you buy the right grain for you and your kids. First, they used to have one kind of cereal, but now we can choose from a wide variety. They have a dozen flavors from which you can choose. And on top of that, cereal box designs are eye-catchy and attractive, which we cannot miss.

Packaging of an item is the primary key to attract a customer and make him spend his money on your product. Every year 75% of new products are failed due to insufficient packaging. Today is time, people have become a friend to the environment, and they are conscious of keeping it that way. For example, people have started moving towards sustainable packaging, which includes plant-based materials so that we can remove the inner plastic bag of a cereal box.


Kids love colors. Giving a cereal box a vibrant and bright color is the best option to have the attention of kids. A light-colored box may not grab the attention of a kid more than a box filled with bright colors.


Another way to have the attention of kids is to have a cartoon character printed on the box. Kids love to see a cartoon, and when their favorite cartoon character is on the cereal box, kids cannot miss them.


Another way to have attention is to put games and puzzles on the box. Small games like crosswords or puzzles will increase the excitement of kids and engagement.


The designs of the cereal boxes should be simple yet attractive. It should be simple, engaging, and appealing. It should be simple enough for a kid to understand in one look. Pictures should not over lapse or have an abstract touch which a child cannot understand.


Commonly ingredients are mentioned on the box, but it is good to have a prominent picture of the main components on the box to gain attention. For example, if it’s fruit-flavored, then you should print fruits on the box. This will gives a clear and straight message to the kid of what he wants to have for breakfast.


Kids like to be engaged in every kind of sport like baseball football etc. they have favorite players in every game. They want to have posters and pictures of their favorite players on the wall of their room. Just like that, they would enjoy them seeing their favorite cereal box.


Everyone loves surprises, and it’s a brilliant idea to have the attention of kids. A big question mark written as a surprise on the box will have everyone’s attention. Putting a small gift inside the box is making kids excited and unique at the same time.


Young children usually enjoy their cereal if it has one of their favorite characters on it. Kids like to transfer their joys towards the design of the product and want to buy it more often.


Kids find different sizes and shapes of the box attractive. Giving a cereal box an extra length rather than the other available in the market will outstand it. It will give the box its individuality. Usually, these boxes have a long rectangular shape, making it different like a square will get it noticed.


A character on the box with wide-open eyes and a big smiling face seems to be staring down into the eyes of kids, put a physiological effect on kids which means to attract them and made them buy the box more often.


Chocolate is the most edible and favorite flavor of the kids. Cereal boxes designed with chocolate is itself a big attraction for kids. A Coloured brown box having big chocolate chunks on it will grab the kid’s attention.

Many companies are already using these techniques to have kid’s attention over a certain period. They have successfully launched it and are running it with excellent efficiency.


For example, Honey Comb Puffs as include honey, which gives the box a big and colorful picture of a honey bee catching the attention from a distance. Another example is of Captain Crunch cereal box, it’s a bright red color box that has a prominent cheerful cartoon figure of a captain standing and saluting.

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