Décor Ideas For Small Functions Of The Wedding

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Indian weddings are known for their pre-wedding rituals. Pre-wedding rituals in Indian weddings hold massive importance because of some associated tales. You cannot deny that hosting a wedding in Indian style requires lots of effort and expenditure. Your house gets converted into a menace when the wedding day starts coming closer. Most of the pre-wedding ceremonies are hosted inside the home only. It not only saves money but also is a belief that the pre-wedding rituals like pooja, Roka, Haldi, Mehendi should be performed at the groom’s place only. These functions become more like fun when celebrated with family members.

It does not mean that you have to décor your home or the place where you are hosting pre-wedding rituals. These small-small functions hold equal importance as wedding day does and are thus to be celebrated in a most lavish and beautiful way. You need to décor your house so that it gives a feeling of “Shadi vala ghar.” Don’t worry; you do not need to expend more on décor after reading this article. This article will cover all the smart ways through which you can use to adore your wedding home in a beautiful manner on a budget. The article will pinpoint some basic decorating and creative ideas that can be implemented at your venue to make it an attractive place.

Before listing such ideas, let’s give you some idea about the number of pre-wedding rituals.

Pre-wedding Rituals in Indian Weddings 

Indian weddings are all about their pre-wedding rituals. The wedding is considered to be incomplete without these pre-wedding rituals. There are almost seven pre-wedding rituals in an Indian style wedding. Marriage is celebrated as a festival in India, and all these pre-wedding rituals hold massive importance in this festival. Let’s list them one by one and learn about them.







      Bachelor party

      Wedding day


Roka: Roka is considered as the first official announcement of the wedding. In this, both the groom and bride make their consent that they are ready to marry each other. Shagun is given from both sides, and both ‘soon to be married’ couples spend time with each other on this day. This is the first day when both of them are blessed for their happy future. The term ‘Roka’ states that now they cannot marry anyone else. Both the families try to know each other on this day.

Engagement: Engagement or ring ceremony is done after roka when the bride and groom engage with each other officially by exchanging rings. The engagement is one of the most important pre-wedding rituals in Indian weddings. In this ceremony, the bride dresses according to the best Indian Bridal Fashion 2021.

Haldi: Haldi is one of the most auspicious functions performed one or two days before the wedding day. From this day, we start enjoying weddings by dancing, singing, and fun to reach the next level. On this day, the married woman of the home applies Haldi paste to both bride and groom at their respective homes. This is a mark of beauty and keeps evil eyes away from both of them. Haldi has also medicinal and antidepressant properties that relax both the soon to be married couple. 

Mehendi: This is considered the festival of love. The function is performed after a haldi celebration where the bride has to put henna on her hands and feet. The darker the color of henna, the happier she will live in her married life. It is just a belief and not any scientific theory. The function is accompanied by songs and dance.

Sangeet: This is the ceremony of music and dance, especially for ladies. On this day, ladies celebrate the wedding by dancing in their own style. It is one of the most beautiful nights at Indian weddings.

Bachelor party: This is hosted a night before the wedding to celebrate the last day of being single. The day is often celebrated with cocktails and drinks. The bride and groom dance with their friends at their respective homes. This is considered to be the last night of your bachelor life. 

Wedding day: Well, finally the wedding day arrives after the cocktail party. On this day, both bride and groom take vows to be with each other through life. This is the most auspicious day of the wedding day series.


Décor Ideas for Smaller Functions of The Wedding

This section will cover the décor ideas for smaller functions (pre-wedding functions) of the wedding. These décor ideas are so mesmerizing that they will increase your value in front of your guests. The best part about these décor ideas is that they are not that costly and can be done without hiring any decorator. You can apply any of them or all of them; it’s all depending upon you. Let’s start with the list.


      Bird Cages

      String Lights

      Bottles, Mason jars, and Vases

      Bolster and Colourful cushions

      Rangoli with candles

      Kites and Pinwheels

      Photo Frames

      Marigold flowers

      Painted tires

      Floating candles

      Mesmerizing flowers

      Peppy photo booth props

      Fun on Swings

      Rainbow umbrellas

      Posey photo wall

      Handmade crafts

      Colorful Drapes

      Quirky Signages


1.    Bird Cages

Put bird cages in an open lawn at your pre-wedding rituals venue. This will be a cult addition to your creative decorating idea, which will be attractive too. Put beautiful and colorful birds inside so that they become a piece of attraction. You can also hang vines and flowers on to them, which will look elegant plus eye-catchy.

2.    Bottles, Mason jars, and Vases

Painted bottles and vases are listed as one of the most trending decorating ideas in weddings. If you are going to have any wedding in your home in a month or so, then don’t waste those empty bottles and vases because they can become a major part of your decoration. They will save you thousands and give you the pretty feeling of “Shadi vala ghar.” You can wrap these bottles in colorful sheets or paint them in your favorite color and use them as decorating material in any of your pre-wedding rituals. If you do not have these bottles, masons, or vases at your home, don’t worry; you can buy them easily from the market, and trust me, they will look super cute. 

3.    Fairy Lights

Lights are a major part of any decoration. They readily attract everyone’s attention, and if used appropriately, they can décor your home in a way that no other equipment can. You can use string lights or hanging lights to furbish your pre-wedding rituals venue. These lights will guarantee elegance and beauty if they are used in an appropriate manner. Light up your home with these quirky lights. Put lights everywhere, from the trees of your garden to the chairs. These will act as an ornament of your venue. You can buy different kinds of lights and can experiment with them in pre-wedding rituals. If your experiment succeeds, then why don’t you use them on the wedding day.

4.    Bolster and Colourful cushions

Yes, you can use colorful pillows, cushions, and bolster to décor your home for a pre-wedding ritual. Fill your backyard with colorful pillows or spread them around so that they attract everyone’s attention. You can also opt for any color combination and can make any design from that color combination. Also, arranging them according to the size can also be a centerpiece of your venue.

5.    Rangoli with candles

Rangoli holds the ritualistic position in the Hindu religion. It is considered a symbol of purity and beauty. It is considered very auspicious in weddings. But, you can also use rangoli as a central element to furnish your home for any pre-wedding ritual. If any of your relatives know how to make patterns from rangoli, then this can be a pretty décor element. You can also see rangoli patterns from YouTube or from the Internet. To make it look more attractive, you can put candles or flowers in between the rangoli pattern. This will make rangoli look even better.

6.    Kites and Pinwheels

Kites and pinwheels are also one of the most attractive ideas to décor your pre-wedding rituals venue. This décor idea for smaller functions of the wedding is not becoming trendier day by day. Not only in Indian weddings, but foreigners also apply this method to make their weddings more attractive. This will give your pre-wedding ritual a ‘mela’ vibe and convert it all together into a festival. Adding pinwheels and kites can give a different vibe to your function.

7.    Marigold flowers

Marigold flowers hold an auspicious position in every Indian wedding. Weddings aren’t considered complete when marigold flowers are missing. When it is mandatory to use marigold flowers in a wedding, then why not use them as decor material. Use your creative ideas to use these marigold flowers at your venue.

8.    Mesmerizing flowers

Cliché things can also create magic sometimes. You can decorate your venue with Genda flowers. They are cheap and full of aroma. You can décor your place with a cocktail of flowers, which will look elegant. Spread fragrance at your venue with the help of these flowers. You can put them at the mandap, hang them on the balcony, swirl them on pillars, and place them on gates and at many more areas that are eye-catching. 

9.    Photo Frames

Banquet halls and wedding gardens are now placing photo frames on their lawn so that they become a centerpiece of attraction for the guests. Everyone loves their candid photos. When these candid photos get squared in frames, it creates a great sense of satisfaction. To fill space and give this sense of satisfaction to your guests, you can put up photo frames on your lawn. It will not fill your empty space but also make your guests happy. So, do not forget to place a wooden photo frame for the smaller functions of your weddings. 

10. Flowery tires

Recycling is always a great idea to décor your home. To take recycling to another level, paint your unused tires and place bouquets inside them. They will be a great source of attraction at your pre-wedding ritual. You can also add some flowers at the boundaries of the tires. Put these flowery tires on your lawn and surround them with painted stones. This will add a charm to the whole area. This is a great idea if you want to décor your pre-wedding function on a budget. 

11. Floating Candles

Floating candles are becoming very popular nowadays. They are mostly used in night functions like bachelor parties and on the wedding night. You can also use them in the Mahila sangeet to add more charm to the environment. Pre-wedding rituals also include pooja, kirtan, and many other small-small functions, so you can place a large bucket or tub in the lawn and fill it with water. Then place these floating candles inside them. You can also add fishes in water to increase the show of your function.

12. Peppy Photo Booth props

This is a great idea to drool your guests. These props will be a center of attraction in your function, and you will be receiving many praises from your guests. You can also add some bizarre props to take your fun to the next level.

13. Swings

Swings can also be used as a décor element in your small functions of the wedding. Swings are mostly enjoyed by ladies of home. They will be best used in the Mehendi function because this function is for ladies. You do not have to keep your swing simple; instead, decorate it with flowers, lights, stones, and many other things.

14. Rainbow Umbrellas

Rainbow umbrellas are also, a great eye-catchy décor material that can be used to ornament your venue. It is a Rajasthani which nowadays is used throughout India. You can place these Rajasthani colorful umbrellas at the entrance give a quirky vibe to the guests. It can also become a prop for photo shoots for guests.

15. Posey Photowall

You can take some posey photographs on the wall of your lawn. This will become a great location for your guests to click photos. By applying this method, you are dedicating a wall only for photographs.

16. Handmade crafts

Handmade crafts are also becoming a very popular décor material nowadays. If you do not have time to make these handmade crafts, purchase them from the market and use them at the right location in your home. Handmade crafts might be a bit costly, but the vibe they give is worth the cost. You can learn how to make handmade crafts from YouTube. There are many channels on the Internet that only teach you how to make handmade crafts. This will easily attract anyone’s eyeball.

17. Colourful Drapes

You can use your dupattas or curtains also to decorate your venue. This will give a carnival feel. Bind them at the top of the venue by using poles. They will give an aesthetic look to your pre-wedding ritual. Binding these curtains or dupattas all around the home will look elegant.

18. Quirky Signages

You can add some off wall effect to your decoration by using quirky signages. This is new, but you can experiment with it in your pre-wedding rituals. If the experiment works, use them on the wedding day as well then.

So, here were some of the décor ideas for smaller functions of the wedding. You can use one of them or all of them, it depends upon you. But, make sure you do not make things congested by using all these methods. Have a great wedding week.

























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