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How to Get a Good Deal on Used Toshiba CNC Machines today

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Particular jobs require special tools, and such is the case with manufacturing companies involved in metalworking tasks.

If you are into metalworking, then you will require a CNC lathe to take care of your precision metalworking needs at one point or the other. And when it comes to CNCs, nothing is better than Toshiba CNC machines. Their machines are known for their accuracy and robustness, making them a good investment for the company.

CNC machines come with a hefty price tag, and it can be an enormous financial burden on a company. But Toshiba machines are worth the price because of their sturdiness and prolonged value depreciation rate. This is why many manufacturers prefer buying used CNC machines as they can get a very good deal on a machine that will fit their requirements.

In the following sections, we will be reading about the importance of a CNC machine and guiding you about making the best deals on used Toshiba CNC Machines

What Differs Toshiba CNC from Other Manufacturers:

Toshiba is one of the leading CNC machines manufacturers for manufacturing industries that create automobiles, ships, aircraft, or similar large-scale objects. There are various CNCs available in the form of boring machines, vertical lathes, bridge mills, and many more. The after-purchase maintenance and servicing of these machines are top-notch as their parts are very easily available at affordable prices.

Toshiba is the market leader in North America, and they have maintained this lead for a long time since 1975. Their heritage plays a critical role in supporting their loyal customer base. Apart from this, some of the notable benefits of using Prestige Equipment’s Toshiba CNC machines include their precise movements and ability to cut heavy materials easily. The overall structural rigidity of a Toshiba machine stops aging and creates high value for the used machinery market.

Why should you Get a CNC for your Metalworking Needs:

We are in a time where all processes are getting modernized, and tasks are being done automatically. Everything around us is happening at a certain pace, and if a company cannot match with those, it will be unable to stay profitable as a business.

CNC lathes can work by following instructions from a computer in a coded format; this reduces human interference and reduces the chances of errors. Extremely detailed parts can be manufactured, and the end result will be very close to the desired model. Apart from these, there are some other benefits like,

Easy Setup – Most of the labor that goes into operating a CNC machine is by virtually designing the part that must be machined. After that, the model is coded and fed into CNC, allowing the machine to take over with minimal human intervention.

Repeatability – CNC machines come in handy when you have to make similar parts in large numbers. When the model is designed, and the machine is programmed, the lathe can be made to design components in any required quantity. And all the parts will be an exact photocopy of the original one. This is a massive advantage when it comes to the mass production of goods.

Automation – Reduced human interaction has a lot of benefits in an industrial setting. It reduces overhead costs of unwanted laborers that can be easily replaced. They ensure error-free operation. They can work all around the clock, so they improve the efficiency of the process.

Flexibility – CNC machines come in a large variety of shapes and sizes and are adaptable with many tool heads. It does the tasks of many other metalworking machines. Every job is done with absolute precision. 4 axes or 6 axes CNC machines make sure that the machining can be done from any direction and the most complicated parts can be finished easily.

How to Get a Good used Toshiba CNC Machine :

As discussed earlier, a new CNC machine can become a very hefty financial burden for a manufacturing company. To get over these, they usually rely on overused metalworking machinery. The used machine market is massive, and used industrial machinery by Prestige Equipment is one of the most reliable sources to get your CNC lathes from. Following are a few guidelines to keep in mind before buying Prestige Equipment’s Toshiba machines,

Understand your needs – There are many varieties in which Toshiba CNC machines come, and all serve a different purpose. So having a clear idea of the type of job that your company will be doing is fundamental to reduce confusion. This will also stop the seller from misleading you into buying the more expensive variant you don’t need.

Do complete research on the equipment – This type of background check helps in understanding the condition of the machine, and one can predict how it will work after purchasing. Knowledge about the previous owner will help you to understand the type of task the machine was previously used for and the amount of time the device was used. A machine that has already covered half of its life will be available at a lower price as its chances of breaking down are more.

Always go through the paperwork before making the purchase – Ask for papers like insurance, warranty, and service documents from the seller. This will let you know if any parts of the machine were changed or not, and even if it was, was it replaced by an original part or by a cheap alternative. From these, you will get an idea of how much work has to be given to restore the machine to its working condition.


So, if you are involved with a metalworking company and are planning to buy a CNC lathe, this article will help you with that. Going for companies like Toshiba is a safe option as you’ll know that chances of making a wrong purchase are next to zero.

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