Dangers And Health Threats Of Rats And Rodents In Your Home And Business

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Every year, no matter winter or summer, people from many regions witness unpleasant experiences with rats and rodents. These issues may not seem big at first but can cause greater nuisance than ever thought. According to the facts, the spread of rats and rodents is known to spread around 35 diseases. These diseases are transferable between humans via saliva, feces, urine, etc.

However, many people face the worst of rats and rodents spread during winters because the rats and rodents are in search of warmer places. Each year, around 21 million are facing the invasion of rats and rodents. All such issues bring in the threat of allergies and foodborne illness in the families and workplaces. Further, the rats and rodents are proficient at drooping 25,000 fecal pellets which needs immediate attention, prevention, and removal with the help of professionals like pest control in Chatswood.

To add light to the dangers and health threats of rats and rodents in your home and workplace, here are some of the common diseases associated with them:

·         Hantavirus – Hantavirus is highly dangerous for humans. It is commonly spread by white footed mice and rice rats. It can sicken humans by causing kidney failure, blood, and respiratory ailments. This virus can even spread immediately through rodent urine, droppings, nesting materials, etc. Also, the contaminated food by saliva, droppings from a rodent can lead to the Hantavirus.

·         Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis – This viral infectious disease can be caused by house rats. However, rodents like hamsters can even cause this disease if infected. The people infected by LCM are at threat of fever, nausea, joint pain, muscle ache, headache, loss of appetite, and much more. Many people even face neurological diseases due to LCM. Pregnant ladies are also in great danger of this disease caused by rats and rodents.

·         Tularemia – this is a disease that can easily spread into humans as well as animals. A person can get infected via ingestion of contaminated water, tick and fly bites, etc. The symptoms of Tularemia depend on how it enters the body. There are many forms of tularemia that can be dangerous for the health of humans and animals. The serious issues related to this disease include cough, difficulty while breathing, chest pain, etc.

·         Plague – this disease killed many people during the middle ages. This infection is caused by the infected rodent flea and other rodents. Plague can transfer easily by the bite of an infected flea. There are other forms of plagues such as bubonic plague, septicemic plague, pneumonic plague, etc. This is a dangerous disease that can even cause death. One should be aware of its symptoms to fight it back.

Easy Tips To Prevent Rats And Rodents In Your Home And Business

The spread of rats and rodents in your home and business can become a great threat to your loved ones and workers. They are the main cause of health issues and uneven illness. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of its prevention methods so that they don’t return.

·         Remove Rats And Rodents Occupants – the famous method of removing rats and rodents from your place is by trapping and baiting them. The trapping method can be done by using snap-style traps. Whereas, baiting can be done by using tamper resistant bait stations. Follow the droppings or gnaw marks of rats and rodents and follow these methods. Ledges, rails, etc. are pathways of rats and rodents.

·         Eradicate The Outdoor Entrance – it is better to get rid of the overhanging trees that allow the rats and rodents to climb on your roof. Moreover, keep the trees pruned so that rodents or rats get no place to hide during any weather. Ensure that you do the same thing at your workplace.

·         Eliminate Outdoor Food Sources – gardens or fruit trees are an open invitation for rats and rodents. If you have a garden in your home or near your business place then ensure that to keep the trees pruned. Plus, add a rat guard on your trees by adding a metal sheet two feet high. One can even spray predator urine to take care of your outdoor space or garden.

·         Contact A Pest Control – This is the best way of getting rid of the rats and rodents. The people who don’t have time to deal with the stress of diseases brought by rats and rodents, pest control in Chatswood professional is the ultimate solution. The professionals are aware of handling such situations without making you feel uneasy.

·         Build A Wall – building a wall can be an effective solution in dealing with rats and rodents. It doesn’t have to be a big wall. You can create a 2 foot cement barrier or crushed rocks to prevent the situation of rats and rodents.

·         Seal Your Home Or Business Place – sealing your home or business place means closing the holes which invite rats and rodents. Try using a solid rodent and rat proof material to seal every corner and hole at your place. Ensure that you give extra attention to windows, vents, and other similar places.

·         Keep Your Place Clean – if rats and rodents won’t find any food at your place then they won’t invade your home. See that there is no left food around your workplace or home. Try using garbage bags or cans. Also, if you have pets, keep their food in rodent-proof containers or bins.

·         Get A Friend From A Local Shelter – cats are known to be great prevention against rats and rodents entering your home. Your cat need not be a great mouser. The scent of the cats adds as a deterrent.



The presence of rats and rodents in your home and business place is quite dangerous. The threat they bring along can be dangerous for all. Avoiding them can only add to the list of difficulties and illnesses. Therefore, adopting the prevention methods and getting regular pest control can bring in relief.

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