Custom Printed Beverage Labels – a durable solution for product branding

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Get instantly noticed through informative and pleasing labels to go with your drinks. Fulfill customer expectations effectively while soaring the popularity charts with ease.

The psychology behind impulsive buying

Ever wondered what makes you purchase your favorite drink apart from the taste? Can you recall the factors that led to your choice? As consumers, a lot of our choices depend upon how well the products fit into our set perceptions about the ideal ‘look’ for them. The market for beverages is dominated by businesses that have been around for a long. Customers are well versed with their brand identity and resonate with them regarding all kinds of flavors and tastes. Of late it is seen that customers not only want their favorite brands to provide the most suitably flavored beverage but also should comply with the change in trends.

Everything in this modern era is related to an image. People form opinions based on how they feel about a particular brand’s format i.e., how it presents itself. The effectiveness of the items is judged later and only once customers feel encouraged to try the products on offer. This is something that previously customers did not desire. Earlier, all drinkable products were tagged with the company’s name, and the product was sold based entirely on the promotional drives. As technology took over most aspects of our lives, it changed the way we perceived our purchase decisions. Everything is required in a detailed format so that customers can make informed selections from the vast range of products available.

How are these labels structured?

This industry houses a wide gamut of products. From coffee, juices, milk, and beer to energy and carbonated drinks all are established as essential commodities in this industry. Such a large volume of choices and intense rivalry has led to businesses taking innovative pathways to educate customers about their products. Brands have always competed for the top spot in their market segments and for this they take on a well-planned marketing campaign. Custom printed beverage labels came into the light to fulfill customers’ requirements for disclosure of certain product details. Moreover, these labels proved to be beneficial in uplifting the brand’s image and make it more sellable.

This industry enjoys an expanded customer demographic. People of every age and nationality consume drinks that best suit their demands. It is important that sellers consider this before designing their labels. This is so because customers of varying age groups respond to certain kinds of labeling. You can conveniently style your labels with varying specifications to cater to these changes in preferences. Some available options include:

  • 1     Numerous label stocks – including sticker paper, solid white vinyl, clear vinyl, clear vinyl, and clear PVC.
  • 2     Have your labels complement your beverage bottles by constructing them according to the required size.
  • 3     Avail of them in convenient formats including rolls, kiss-cut sheets, custom die-cut shapes, and other multiple designs.
  • 4     Distinguish from the crowd by the addition of foil stamping, printing on backer, optional transparent background, and extended backer.
  • 5     A team of designated stylists to help achieve the ideal look of the labels and make them appeal to target customers with total ease.

In addition to these, the labels can be made more long-lasting and resistant to scratches and moisture by layering them with plush laminations and coatings. We provide a full platter of services to make the whole effort beneficial to the clients. Some of them are:

  • 1     Complete freedom to order in as much quantity as desired. This helps to avoid wastage of valuable resources and make the clients stick to the planned budget.
  • 2   Choose from different grades of adhesive materials to suit your specific needs.
  • 3    Make the labels fit into your budgets with market competitive prices.
  • 4    Utilize any time of the day to strike an effective deal with our customer service agents.
  • 5    Avail free of charge services including free shipping & handling, free templates, free reviews of artwork provided by experts, and free sample kits among others.
  • 6     Rely on our extensive printing experience to obtain classy labels at the click of your mouse!

So, don’t ponder much and make the customers realize your brand’s true worth through high-grade custom printed beverage labels.

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