Custom mobile LED signs: An exciting addition to any event.

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If you’re new to LED screens and thinking about using them for your next event, you might be wondering which type of screen is going to be best. A mobile or modular LED display? 

When trying to determine which will fit best for your event, you need to ask yourself, will the screen need to be moved to several places on the same day? The answer to this makes the decision a lot easier. Mobile-led sign trailers in Austin, TX, allow you to move the screen during the event to whatever location you want.

Video is a key factor for any event, and audiences expect it wherever they go. As this innovative technology becomes more ubiquitous and easily accessible, it has entirely upgraded the event planning industry.

Here are the top five benefits that custom mobile LED signs can offer at events:


1. On the go content display


Having the ability to transport a display to where the audience is can be hugely beneficial and impressive. For instance, during a golf match, having an LED system that can stream the tournament directly to the audience members, no matter where they are, will boost audience engagement and get your content in front of more viewers.


2. Versatility


Whether you are hosting a movie night in the park, organizing a music festival, or planning a corporate trade show, you can arrange mobile LED signs for rent in Austin, TX, to make your event perfect. Thanks to their simple setup and ability to be moved easily, mobile LED signs are one comfortable solution to make any event much more engaging and breath-taking. 


3. Get more eyeballs on your message.


According to psychology, our brains can hold on to the message what our eyes see in video for a much longer time rather than what we read randomly in a newspaper or magazine. That is why social media has become one large medium for varied promotions. 

Similarly, mobile LED signs provide you the opportunity to render your message to a much wider population in an impactful manner. 


4. Tow anywhere trailer design


Thanks to the custom mobile-led trailers in Austin, AX, it became easy to move your LED display to multiple locations within one event. The setup and breakdown time is hardly 30 to 60 minutes, and usually, skilled technicians handle all of this, so nothing goes wrong. 




  • Centralized and remote management, with near real-time update of content from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Increase audience engagement in the event.
  • Ability to up-sell and promote special items.
  • Makes it easy to change screen templates for new messages and promotions.
  • Display calendars, schedules, and upcoming events to keep viewers informed.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Enhance customers’ experience.

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