Credit card processing

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HighRisk Gateways can help you to accept electronic credit card payments quickly in affordable manner by Credit Card Processing solutions. With a network of proprietary processing platforms and systems by our banking partner, you can rely on these solutions to process all types of payments for your offshore merchant account — Visa, MasterCard, Gift Card, Debit and EFT transactions — quickly, reliably and securely.

Our online reputation as a payment gateway provider is well-deserved. Our highly efficient systems ensure accurate, cost-effective and timely credit card processing in association of our banking partner. We have a fully redundant, fault-tolerant system that boasts virtually 100% uptime. We also provide full encryption of sensitive data — to protect your business and your customers’ data.

Credit card processing
Credit Card Processing

We understand that payment acceptance needs vary according to your business size and industry. So we offer payment processing for any type of business — restaurants, retail, internet, technical support and more. We also offer innovative products such as a suite of online reporting options that can help you manage and protect your business.

Our knowledgeable experts will consult with you to identify the optimal pathway — and payment mix — that fits your requirements of online e-reporting system. We provide credit card processing and have the capability to authorize transactions in more than 130 currencies. We are committed to making ongoing industry-wide improvements in merchant services to help ensure that our customers can realize the full value of their offshore merchant account and improved returns for their business. We sponsor merchant driven trade organizations that bring about industry advancements related to credit card fraud, data security and alternative payments to benefit our customers.

Our credit card processing facility allows you to accept payments from customers around the world, using a variety of credit card brands, including Visa, MasterCard and Cirrus Maestro. In order to support your business, we takes a unique approach to credit card payments, focusing on real-time processing, card holder security and online fraud prevention. Through this approach, We have successfully reduced the occurrence of chargebacks, safeguarding your business, and strengthening your relationship with credit card providers.

Credit Card Processing: No.1 Choice of Online Shoppers

Electronic commerce is booming worldwide. Many merchants sell their products or services online to customers who purchase via debit/credit cards, eCheck, and alternative payment methods. There are several payment processing options at the user end but paying through credit cards is the leading choice of customers. However, many customers, because of security reasons, fear while purchasing any product or service online. A small business owner who is venturing into an online marketplace needs to resolve some issues related to fraudulent payments and the security of their customers.

E-commerce merchants face several serious issues like customer details security, fraud, and high chargeback that can easily be solved through reliable payment gateway software integrated with the website.

Highrisk Gateway provides a payment gateway solution to the high-risk industry. Our service focuses on smooth credit card transactions and a seamless experience that adds to the user experience. Hassle-free card processing; let you achieve the best customer retention and new heights of online success.

 Difficulties with Credit cards Transactions:

Along with the high demand for credit card payments come several problems that have raised concerns for consumers and merchants.

Inadequate card authentication
Many customers are hesitant before purchasing anything online as they have to reveal their sensitive credit card details on multiple websites. Customers fear that their information would be stolen and reused for unauthorized money withdrawal.

Online Credit card frauds
These frauds are named as ‘card not present frauds due to stolen card information. This information is sold online for unapproved transactions.

What we bring to the table

Highrisk Gateways offers a Credit Card Processing solution to protect your e-commerce website from any problem.

1. Multiple Card brands
Our payment gateway allows you to accept payments worldwide; we do credit card transactions using major credit card brands, such as Visa, MasterCard, and Cirrus Maestro. We provide customers with alternatives to pay with their preferable card brand.

2. Real-time Updates
We guarantee every transaction, customer refund, and a fraud attempt is reported to you 24×7 via a dedicated dashboard customized according to your needs. This way you keep track of all data streams over the webserver.

3. Security
We take stringent security measures and fraud protection. With our expert team’s assistance, you safeguard credit card transactions on your platform. Highrisk gateways reliable payment gateway lets your customer pay with confidence. We believe in connecting your business needs, so you focus on growing your brand. We also provide the high risk merchant account service to all the high risk businesses.

4. Easy integration And Card saving
Our global card saving feature lets your customer save their credit card details for any future purchase. They can easily access their information across the web. For effective integration with the webserver, we provide an API system for smooth processing.

5. Easy to Checkout
We focus on customer’s comfort more than anything; that’s why we have easy checkout, so they pay conveniently. Customers can directly add to the cart any product or service of their choice and pay instantly.

Any card processing problems.
Highrisk gateways are the solution.

Please Note That Our Consultation Charges Will be Charge For Each Services Separately Apart From The Gateway Fee.

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