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Endowment life insurance burns your money

5 mn read “Invest in accumulative life insurance and get a tax refund!” “Save up for the child’s future and get taxes back!” Tempting appeals. Last year, residents of Latvia invested almost 92 million euros in end-to-end life insurance (UDA). This is 19% more than the total investments of the 3rd pension pillar. People hope to save up […]

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PRINCE2 PM in Charity work

3 mn read  Give to charity to help project management I have always appreciated the efforts of charities and think that they are great sources of ideas and ways of doing things that would never seem possible unless they were supported by large companies. As outlined on a prince 2 Course London qualification. In 2004 I sponsored the […]

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Promote your tech company by using this secret weapon

6 mn read Presence Marketing To thrive in an increasingly competitive environment, tech companies are forced to squeeze the most out of their marketing budget. There are many actions that a marketing department can undertake: advertising in mass media such as radio or television, organization of events, sponsorships, digital marketing… always with the goal of getting a good […]

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PRINCE2 Online Project Management

3 mn read The field of project management has evolved quite significantly over the past decade. The sophisticated IT market has spawned more project and program management professionals.  That figure is on the rise, also. Something that a prince2 course online e-learning can help with. A project is a temporary effort seeking to involve one or more people, material, resources, […]

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