Common Causes of Oxygen Enrichment You Should Beware of

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Oxygen is considered one of the safest gases on planet earth because it is absolutely essential for survival and living. However, it is only an assumption. Excessiveness of everything is bad, and oxygen is no exception. Excessiveness of oxygen causes oxygen enrichments which leads to destruction and death.

You might be thinking, how can there be excessiveness of oxygen? Well, it can happen. You can naturally consume oxygen from the atmosphere and never face the issue of oxygen enrichment. However, the patients who get oxygen through machines can become victims of the scenario. On the other hand, the cylinders of oxygen gas can leak excessive gas into the atmosphere and lead to complexities. Knowing about causes in detail can help you adopt precautionary measures effectively.

Keep scrolling down this article to get your hands on common causes of oxygen enrichments you should beware of and stay safe.

Top 7 Factors Leading to Oxygen Enrichment You Should Watch Out

Oxygen enrichment denotes the phenomenon where the concentration of oxygen gas increases in the closed atmosphere and settings. Oxygen cylinders are used and present in numerous settings, and on top of the list are the hospitals. Any issue can occur at any time and risk the wellbeing and life of people in the surroundings. Therefore, you should be extra cautious of the factors leading to oxygen enrichment.

Here are some of the major factors leading to oxygen enrichment you should watch out for and avoid risky situations.

1.    Leaks from Damaged Pipes

The first and most common factor leading to oxygen enrichment is leaks from the damaged pipes. In many industries and operations, oxygen is used to complete various tasks. So, proper arrangements are made in the form of pipes to manage the supply. If any pipe is damaged, it will automatically lead to oxygen enrichment in the setting. Such industries often get the support of gas detector suppliers in UAE and invest in a proper detection system that can ensure the security of their units and workers.

2.    Valves Kept Open

One of the most critical factors leading to oxygen enrichment is keeping the gas valves open. Whether it is the cylinder, you are using for gas or getting it from a direct connection through pipes, making sure the efficient working of the valve is absolutely essential. You should never keep the valve open when the gas is not in use. Moreover, do not ignore issues with the valve and fix them immediately to avoid encountering life-threatening situations.

3.    Excessive Use of Oxygen

One of the most significant factors leading to oxygen enrichment is the excessive use of oxygen. It is a common practice during the metallurgic process, which focuses on melting the metals using oxygen. The amateurs handling the matter are bound to make the mistake of using excessive oxygen. It can cause fire and explosion, so you should be very careful while using oxygen in the process and maintain a low to moderate level.

4.    Poor Ventilation

Another significant factor that can lead to the phenomenon of oxygen enrichment in the atmosphere is poor ventilation. If you are working with gases in a closed atmosphere, the reaction can make oxygen which will not be safe for breathing. The situation is more common in confined places where poor ventilation leads to oxygen enrichment. So, make sure to ventilate such places before accessing them.

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5.    Replacing Air or Inert Gases

Another critical situation that can lead to oxygen enrichment in the atmosphere is replacing air or inert gases. Inert gases are considered potentially safe as they do not lead to uncontrolled chemical reactions. However, during their replacement and changing, excessive oxygen can be released into the atmosphere, causing an explosion. So, make sure to adopt safety precautions while indulging in any such activity.

6.    Improper Use of Oxygen

One of the most common yet ignored factors leading to oxygen enrichment and following disasters is the improper use of oxygen. It can be in terms of managing flat tires, inflating vehicles, dusting machinery or benches, or starting diesel engines. Usingmore oxygen than required can lead to enrichment and cause a deadly explosion. So, beware at all times and watch your practices.

7.    Improper Handling of Cylinders

The last but most crucial factor that can lead to oxygen enrichment is the improper handling of cylinders. Dragging or throwing the cylinders is extremely dangerous and can lead to an explosion. In addition to it, not checking the temperature concentration and gas leakage can lead to oxygen enrichment. If you deal with the storage of gas cylinders quite frequently, make sure to consult safety equipment suppliers and invest in proper technology to watch out for the leaks and manage them efficiently.

Watch out for the factors and adopt precautionary measures!

Now that you are aware of the hazards of oxygen enrichment and common situations leading to it make sure to avoid them at all costs. Contact the professionals to get insights into safety measures you can adopt to maximize the safety of your practices and your workers.

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