Cloud Computing The Backbone For IoT

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Cloud Computing is the on-request availability of computer resources like data storage and data processors. Cloud Computing provides users with data centres without them being involved in the internal management of data centres. IoT, on the other hand, is a totally different technology. IoT is a detailed study of networks of physical things that have sensors, software, or other technologies implanted on them that help to communicate with other devices over the Internet. Both of these technologies are dissimilar, but they are strongly interlinked with each other and are part of our day-to-day life. One of the best examples is home automation controlled by mobile devices IoT provides internet connection and remote management of mobile appliances incorporated by a variety of sensors. Sensors implants computational intelligence into home devices such as air conditioners, lights, fans, and other devices. Cloud Computing provides computing power and storage so that home automation devices can be accessed anywhere, anytime. By the end of this article, you’ll surely understand cloud computing being the fundamental element in IoT devices, and when both are combined, they deliver remarkable progression in the field of technology.

Why is Cloud Computing a backbone for IoT devices?

IoT devices have drastically changed a common man’s life and their daily tasks. However, these devices produce a lot of data called big data, and this data adds pressure on the framework of the Internet. Also, there were a lot of loopholes in the scalability and security of IoT devices. Due to this problem in the IoT industry, companies started searching for a unique solution so that the huge amount of data being generated by these devices can be transferred effectively. According to Cisco’s expectation, the overall IP traffic will increment up to 6.3 exabytes every month by 2021, which is almost six overlaps compared to what it was in the year 2016. Furthermore, a large portion of this would be the contribution of IoT gadgets.

Developing an IoT system is a challenging task. First, the developers get into the functioning and performance of hardware and machinery they delve into the development of the software that mitigates data storage and communication between devices. Lastly, the IoT system needs to be deployed with complete back-end infrastructure so that all the parts of IoT work together. This eventually led Cloud Computing to come into the picture.

Cloud helps in the phase of development and deployment of IoT systems. It solves all the technical obstacles that were faced before, and you really don’t have to worry about all the internal management of databases because the cloud manages it for you. Cloud also provides virtual servers, which helps your IoT device to function smoothly. There are four major services of Cloud Computing that majorly focus on launching IoT systems.


Remote Computing Power

Cloud Computing allows remote computing with a click of a button. Now, there is no need for big companies to have their own data centres because the cloud has given them the privilege to access services remotely. IoT has additionally been utilized as a device in business environments across different enterprises. The computing capabilities of IoT devices with cloud computing is virtually unlimited. Cloud also empowers IoT to go beyond home automation devices as the cloud has huge storage that removes conditions on-premise foundation.


Scalability and Flexibility

In the coming years, IoT traffic and the number of devices are going to increase in huge amounts, which indirectly means that the data will be exponentially generated. Hence, all enterprises should have an effective and relatively cheaper solution to process and access data from IoT devices and scale the resources to reach the demand when important. With cloud computing in the picture, businesses can set up their infrastructure volume to scale up when the demand is high and scale down when the demand is lower. Cloud computing is convenient, and you don’t have to pay for something that you don’t use which makes it cost-effective too. In traditional servers, you would have to buy enough capacity to represent top occasions, which would then be inactive every so often of low use and continue deducting from your primary concern.


Easy Data Integration

Data Integration is an important service provided by the Cloud as it helps connect IoT devices and develop communication in the IoT system. Cloud Computing helps IoT with all its data integration challenges, for instance, integration from various sources and network integration. With the help of different API’s, cloud computing can help IoT devices include various sources to engage simple data integration. Hence, it also offers services like platform-as-a-service for large-scale data integration.


Security and Privacy

The fast development of IoT devices has allowed companies to automate processes, resulting in serious security issues. The Cloud provides a lot of controls that facilitate the implementation of foolproof security measures. It allows businesses to embrace strong encryption and authentication protocols. With top of the line cloud arrangements, it’s possible to manage and ensure user’s authenticity getting to the IoT gadgets. Companies and businesses are able to realize the importance of cloud arrangement as more and more enterprises are adopting multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments. Every day, people are adopting cloud computing solutions that are more beneficial, convenient, and efficient. Keeping this in mind, developers are creating more devices and sensors to fulfil consumer needs.


The combination of Cloud Computing and IoT is beneficial for increasing the efficiency and productivity of everyday tasks. Cloud Computing enables better collaborations for the developers by storing as well as accessing data remotely. However, to make your idea come true, you need to connect with a trusted IoT mobile app development agency that can understand your audience and create an innovative solution. Both of these technologies have a complementary relationship with each other. Seeing their growing advancement, it’s easy to say that in the coming years they’ll bring new applications and devices that will revolutionize the world of technology. It will not only bring opportunities for businesses but also for the research sector. The relationship between them is unique, impactful and they fit each other like a puzzle piece. Let’s hope for these giant technologies to have a more positive impact on society.

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