Choosing the right way and using curlers

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What do you mean, curlers remind you of your granny? Nay, this timeless accessory will allow you, again and again, to effectively curl your straight hair. Our advice for choosing and using them well.

They may make you look funny, but curlers will also give you long-lasting curls, and this, using your hair much less than conventional heating devices, such as the curling iron, or worse, a permanent which will modify the hair fiber in depth. No wonder then that curlers are still so popular, two centuries after their invention. These rollers with variable diameter depending on the desired effect will certainly require a significant exposure time, but the natural and durable result will quickly convince you. To you the pretty curls and a hair full of volume!

Do you dream of straight and shiny hair? Now it is possible without leaving home

Those of us who have straight hair want it curly and those of us who have curly hair want it straight. If you are from the second group, this is your article and if you are from the first and your hair becomes very frizzy, you should also keep reading. We are going to tell you a series of tips to achieve a smooth and shiny mane without leaving home and with the same result as in a hairdressing salon. The first thing you should do is brush the hair before washing it, both face up and face down, and if it is with a wood and natural cedar brush better than better, since this eliminates electricity.

When lightening your hair, it is best to do it with cold or warm water, as it will add extra shine. And do not go through the iron without having it completely dry, the humidity of the hair is your worst enemy and the perfect ally of frizz.

What type of curlers to choose?

If they are all committed to curling your hair, curlers have been modernized and they now come in different forms: it’s up to you to choose the one that will be most suited to your hair type but also to your skill.

The tulle curlers or styling rollers: the image you have of curlers is certainly that of these ultra classic rollers with a brush inside and covered with a net, which are fixed with the help of a metal or plastic pin. Usually small in size, they allow the hair to dry quite quickly but can sometimes create tangles.

Curlers are very easy to handle, these self-gripping curlers can be used on dry hair, just after brushing for example, and by applying hairspray before and after to fix the curl. They will also find their place perfectly on short hair, practical! However, care should be taken when removing them not to pull too much on the wicks so as not to damage them.
Flexible curlers or curlers: we see them more and more often, especially on the channels of YouTubers beauty, and for good reason: these ultra soft and fairly long foam curlers will prove to be stress-free for the hair fiber, and can even be applied on dry or slightly damp hair overnight. Perfect for fragile hair!

Plastic or magnetic curlers: these plastic rollers with holes will allow you to roll up your locks of hair without creating knots and without breaking the hair fiber. WE love !
Magic curlers: as you may have noticed, new curlers are appearing regularly. One of the latest options to date: the so-called “magic” curlers, made of flexible spring-loaded plastic, which allow particularly simple application using a wand and which can also be applied overnight.
Permanent hair curlers: as their name suggests, these clip-on hair curlers can be used for perms performed in the salon or at home.
Heated curlers: and for the most impatient among you, know that there is a heated version of curlers. If the exposure time will thus be considerably reduced, you will lose on the other hand the advantage of curls obtained without the addition of heat and therefore without weakening of the hair. Be sure to protect your hair upstream with a thermos-protective spray and space the uses.

Which size of curlers should you choose?

Everything will depend on the type of curl you want to achieve. For tight curls, you will choose small curlers, with a diameter of between 1 and 2 cm. To create a beautiful wavy with softer curls, it is on larger curlers that you will need, with a diameter of between 4 and 6 cm.
It is in any case recommended to use two different diameters on the whole of the hair for a more natural result. Count between 30 and 50 curlers in total depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

How to apply curlers?

If the pose depends of course on the type of curler used, in all cases you will have to divide your hair into several sections to work more easily, then wind each strand on the roller, from the tip to the root, pulling it well. Always for a natural result, we will wind some strands inward and others outward. Then place the curler vertically for classic English curls, and horizontally for softer curls.
Finally, gently remove the rollers then run your fingers through the loops to soften them.
Unless otherwise stated, curlers are generally for use on damp hair and until the hair is completely dry. For installation on dry or slightly damp hair, allow at least one hour to enjoy your curls for the evening.

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