Choosing Between Embossing & Debossing For Packaging

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If you have landed here, we are pretty sure that you are on the journey of designing the product packaging. Similarly, there are high chances that you have come across the terms like debossing and embossing but were clueless about the difference. To illustrate, embossing is about raising the logo or other artwork on the packaging, as compared to the base of the packaging.

On the contrary, debossing is the complete opposite since it provides the sunken appearance of the logo or artwork. If you are fond of cocktails, it’s safe to say that you have noticed the napkins and how the logo is slightly raised from the base of the napkin; that’s called embossing. On the other hand, if you ever see a wristband with logo stamping, you would see it’s sunken down and reflects debossing.

Similarly, when it comes down to the custom packaging, choosing between the debossing and embossing technique becomes difficult. For this purpose, we have established this article to help you understand the differences between debossing and embossing. So, let’s read on and understand the meaning behind these two distinctive options!

The Processes 

Embossing Process

When you have to begin with the embossing procedure, the metal plate is created, which is also known as a die. The die is designed with the raised graphic, so you can easily create embossing on the final packaging or product. This plate is also pressed into the packaging or product, which raises the profile of the packaging design, so it will create a competitive edge.

That being said, the embossing process is repeated continuously since the dies are constructed out of metal. These dies are durable and are only applicable for small products or packaging. However, large-scale manufacturers have designed huge die plates. For this purpose, it’s best to emboss the logo on the end product rather than opting for the raised printing, which is termed thermography.

On the contrary, it demands the utilization of special powder, which is pressed into the paper upon heating. So, the paper isn’t raised and won’t change the shape. When it comes down to the embossing process, there are higher setup costs, but the quality is matchless. That being said, embossing delivers promising style and a touch of luxury and premium.

Debossing Process

For the most part, the debossing process is pretty similar to the embossing process. However, there is a minor difference that completely changes the complete appearance. That being said, debossing tends to apply the logo in a downward direction on the base of the packaging. As a result, it will indent the logo on the packaging or product. It’s not as good as embossing, but it still has a unique appearance.

Factors To Consider While Debossing Or Embossing 

When it comes down to the application of embossing and debossing, there are multiple factors to consider because they will eventually impact the final outcome. To be honest, the design process is pretty similar, but the outcomes are incredibly variating. So, let’s see what you need to consider while choosing between embossing and debossing!

Shift To Vector Formats

The conventional brands tend to use the artwork because it was a great opportunity a decade ago, but it needs to shift to vector formats. If you have to cover the graphical factors, you can click here to buy pre-roll packaging. Coming back to the point, you must opt for vector art because it’s basically the mathematical calculations because it makes it easy for companies to resize the design.

That being said, the vector formats can be blown on the entire landscape or even on the smallest stickers. Similarly, the vector formats will ease the printing process and help streamline the packaging. Even more, while you are choosing artwork for embossing and debossing, you need to opt for a simple design. Also, never add gradients, effects, and shadows with artwork for embossing or debossing.

Choosing The Design 

Some companies prefer having the complete logo imprinted on the package or product, even with embossing and debossing. However, if you are opting for the embossing designs, it’s best to use the embellished section rather than adding a complete logo. For instance, if you want to emboss, using initials, patterns, and text will be better. However, you can change your approach as per your needs!

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