Detailed Carrier AC Review

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The sun is rising and its warmth is increasing and in this hot summer time, air conditioners are a boon and a need of an hour. And if you are looking for an air conditioner, I am here to help you with my review.

So today I deeply researched and reviewed Carrier ACs, and I have to say I am impressed and I will highly recommend it to you. So without wasting time lets get into the specifications.

About the company

Carrier Global Corporation is an American corporation based company operating since 1915, which makes it one of the most , if not the most experienced company in this field. Its main focus is manufacturing and distributing heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, and has since expanded to include manufacturing commercial refrigeration and foodservice equipment, and fire and security technologies.

Its current revenue says that it is a $18.6 billion company with 53,000 employees, well that’s a big number.

Also carrier ACs can be said as the earliest ACs in the field, and as it is said that carrier company is the company which bought ACs to the world as Willis Carrier—founding member of Carrier company  got the patent for the spray type air conditioners.

It is spread across 170 countries globally making it one of the largest  producers of ACs across the globe. The Indian venture of Carrier ACs is termed as CMI namely Carrier Media India producing its units in India. I

In India foe commercial uses it offers ducted ACs and cassettes, etc. whereas if you are a resident their window ACs and splits ACs are worth buying for you.


If we talk about 1.5 ton 5 star slit carrier AC, it is one of its kind and one of the bestselling options to consider.

Some specifications of it are

  • Power consumption – 1415 watts
  • LCD display
  • Sleep  mode
  • Compressor warranty – 5years
Power Supply Range:AC 230 V, 50 H
  • Weight  –  10.5 Kg
  • Price –  Rs. 34,499

It includes all the other technology to provide you the best AC like

  • Wifi AC
  • Smart cooling
  • Anti VOC filter
  • Copper anti corrosive condenser
  • Eco friendly
  • Leakage detectors are present
  • Saves electricity

Well after all these delightful features what’s the best advantage of these ACs are that they have a wide range of products which help buyers to choose what’s best for them

They have split, window and wifi ACs.

They have ACs with diverse ratings namely 2 start, 3 star and 5 star.

They have different types like fixed speed, inverter and hot and cold.

And  they have variants ranging from 3Kw to 8Kw or 1 Ton to 2.5 Ton and this is one of the best Advantages of it.

With all of these advantages it also has a diverse price range which means it is a budget friendly company and you can choose your variant according to you.


So if you are looking to buy any kind of AC, this is the best recommendation for you, as it is a company worth your trust and money providing you the best services from more than a century now so what else you can expect from a company. Also its offers are amazing  and it bets on the quality of the product, with all the best features and diverse range of price and choices, it opens many gateways for you to buy the product. It is a well acclaimed company hence your trust will be in safe hands and if you are thinking to cool your place this summer Carrier ACs are the best for it.

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