Candle Making Workshop: An Ultimate Guide

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Candles are although a source of light, but are mostly used for decorative purposes and adding a sweet fragrance to the environment in the modern age. They are used in religious rituals and are an emergency backup in case of a sudden power failure. Candles add a beautiful classic look to your living room and vintage candlelight dinners are impossible without candles. 

Besides buying the different kinds of candles from the market, you know you can make them easily at your home after attending a candle making workshop. These workshops train you in making beautiful different kinds of candles. You can make your own customized candles of various sizes, colors, and fragrances. 

History of candle making

Candle making is not a new thing. People in the past used to make candles from different kinds of waxes or materials for illumination purposes as there were no proper sources of light back then. The history of making candles is as old as Egyptians and Romans. 

Candles were made from tallow (mutton or beef fat) in those times and then used as a source of light and in several religious rituals. But in the modern age, they are made from fancy ingredients to add decor to homes and many people make them as their hobby. 

Ingredients of candle making

The basic ingredients used in making a candle are wax and a wick. Other ingredients depend on how you want to make your candle.  Fragrance oils, dyes, and candle molds or containers are the other items you need to make a candle. 

Apart from these ingredients, there are many candle making kits available in the market that you can buy to have all the basic accessories you need in making a fantastic candle.

How to learn candle making?

Learning how to make a candle of your choice is not a big deal. There are so many articles and videos available on the internet that can guide you on how to make candles at home. But learning a skill under the supervision of trained teachers is a different thing.

If you are keen to learn to make good quality candles, you should consider attending a candle making workshop. Various institutes around the world can train you in candle making so enroll yourself in one and start your journey. 

Types of candles

There is a variety of candles you can make but candles are of different types. You must know about these types if you want to learn about how to make candles.  

  • Container candle

Container candles are the most basic and safe candles for beginners. You can make these by just pouring the heated candle wax into any container like mug, glass, or jar. 

  • Scented candles

Scented candles, as shown by name, contain pleasant fragrances and aromas to keep your house scented all the time.

  • Votive candle

Votive candles are usually small in size and round or square, used for decorative purposes.

  • Taper candle

They are long candles, also called dinner candles, used to add an aesthetic feel to your house.

  • Tea lights

Tea lights are so small candles in plastic or thin metal containers.

  • Pillar candles

These thick long candles have more wax than regular candles.

  • Floating candles

The romantic floating candles can float on water, presenting a beautiful scene.

So this was some basic information about the candles and candle making process that might help you out before your candle making workshop. Do give it a read before your workshop if you want to make the best candles. Good luck!


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