Can I repair sections of James Hardie board, or do I need to replace the whole dang thing?

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Contrary to popular belief, even ‘lifetime’ products can get damaged. James Hardie is a beautiful and resilient product, that will absolutely make a statement when it comes to your home. And while the product does handle almost everything thrown at it, it can become damaged. 

So, what do you do if a section of your Hardie siding becomes damaged? Well, fortunately, Hardie siding in Calgary is very easy to repair without needing to change your entire siding. Sections of your siding can be removed and replaced, to near color matched perfectly.

How do I ensure a perfect color match?

A repair is only as good as its ability to be undetected. If you can tell you’ve had a repair, then you have not had a good one. The entire purpose is for your Hardie Siding to look as near to its original state as possible. One way that this can be done is by color matching your existing Hardie siding to the replacement. The single best way to ensure this is by sampling the product, simply put taking a sample of your existing siding into a Hardie board supplier in Calgary to match it perfectly. 

If this isn’t possible your contractor can also bring swatches provided by Hardie board suppliers and identify the color.  Both methods work very well, as ideally, your contractor will have the experience and an eye for detail to match your siding.

A good rule of thumb for homeowners, in general, is to keep records, if possible, of what products have been used on your home, including the names, models, and brands of your siding, roofing, gutters, fascia, soffit, and paint. This can eliminate any doubts down the line if ever a repair is needed.

My Hardie Siding is several years old, and has faded, will my contractor still be able to match it perfectly?

Regardless of the quality of material, we will see some fading or color changes in any and all of our exterior products, the elements are the great equalizer when it comes to our exteriors. To be clear fading does not indicate you received an inferior product or that the material is damaged, it is a natural event that occurs on ALL exterior products.

Hardie Siding in Calgary will fade, or have some sort of discoloration over time, as will all siding products over time. However, Hardie siding does maintain its color integrity for longer than most vinyl products. This can become a problem during repairs, as you are applying a new product directly next to your current potentially faded material, and so there can be variances. A couple of things to keep in mind, if that section of siding is exposed to the elements it will eventually fade to match your current siding, it might just take some time.

If there was salvageable material from elsewhere that was a closer match your contractor can use that to create a better match and use the newer stuff on areas that are not as sun exposure, if this is not a viable option, you can simply paint your older siding and take the opportunity to freshen up the look of your home. Hardie board Suppliers in James Hardie Calgary often offer paints in the color of the original siding that can be used.

Another common trick of the trade is to use a lighter than the original color to create a seamless match. However, we do not recommend this as obviously your new material may not fade to the same color as your existing product and have the same visual impact you are trying to avoid.

What if my James Hardie siding has been discontinued?

All siding products are cycled and can become discontinued, regardless of if it is Hardie siding, vinyl siding, metal siding, or shake siding. Products over time are simply cycled out. But worry not you are not without options!

Firstly, your contractor will need to know what Hardie siding is currently on your home, then they will go to the Hardie board suppliers in Calgary, to see if they have any of the product remaining. Sometimes these items, while discontinued may still be in physical stock, but will not be restocked once out. So, it is imperative that if you have an older color on your home that you reach out to a contractor as soon as possible should you require a repair, the longer you wait the harder a color match will become. 

If this is not the case, your contractor may be able to source a color very similar to your existing material that should be fairly close, however as discussed above this can lead to differences in fade over time. You could potentially paint your existing siding to match the new color, or vise versa if the paint is available. Unfortunately, it’s usually the entire color that gets discontinues in all materials.

Lastly, you could update your entire siding if enough of it has been damaged to warrant such. This of course will create the most seamless finish. And depending on the type of damage may even be covered by your insurance company.


What constitutes damage?

Hardie Siding in Calgary is very resilient and will hold up to a lot of damage. But Hardie siding is NOT impervious to physical damages, often we can see the material scratch, chip, or break. Hailstorms CAN damage Hardie siding, it’s important to understand that Hardie siding is Hail resistant, not PROOF.

Hardie siding in Calgary must be at least 6 inches above the ground, if your previous contractor has not installed according to that spec, it is not uncommon to see warping, peeling, and other signs of water damage.

However because Hardie Siding is incredibly resilient, sometimes the damage may be superficial and can be fixed very easily but simply doing a paint touch-up using the appropriate James Hardie product. Most Hardie Board Suppliers in Calgary will offer the paint or touch-up kits should you wish to do this on your own. However, we do not recommend this as a seemingly simple fix can be visible if not done correctly.

Where do I go to get my James Hardie repaired?

You could reach your initial installer if you were happy with their work, however, repairs are not always straight forward and not every installer will know how best to create as seamless a finish product as possible.

At Tymbridge, we specialize in repairs and restoration of all types. We are the experts when it comes to Hail restorations, fire restorations, and water damage. We are problem solvers that pride ourselves in our ability to come up with unique and nuanced solutions.  

James Hardie Repairs

If you have Hardie siding in Calgary and are seeing damage to your siding, you can in fact repair it without necessarily needing to replace the whole thing. Color matches are very possible, and most Hardie board suppliers in Calgary will provide the color in your siding, paint, or other touch-up materials.

While the goal is always to have a seamless finish, it is not always possible, based on the age of your product, its availability, and the expertise of your contractor. You may wish to do touch-ups yourself, and while Hardie board suppliers in Calgary provide kits for this, it’s ill-advised to attempt this without first speaking with a professional.

At Tymbridge Contracting, we provide free quotes and will walk you through our action plan to restore your home. With over 18 years worth of experience in all types of exteriors, we can often find a unique and nuanced solution to your problem, even if we have to create something custom for you.

Call Tymbridge Contracting today for your free inspection and quote! 403-510-3222

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