Buying medicines online can be easy, just make sure you do it safely

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The Internet has altered the way we live, shop, and work. The growth of The Internet has made it possible for all to compare prices and buy products without ever leaving the comfort of your home. But if you are looking to buy medicines online, there are some precautions you must take. Some websites sell medicines that may not be safe to use and could put your health at risk. 


Can I safely order medicines without a prescription from an online doctor?


You cannot get prescription medicines without a valid prescription from your doctor. A legal online medicine supplier in India will never give you prescription medicines without showing them a valid prescription. Some of the online pharmacies also provide doctor’s consultation services to their clients so one can get to know about your medical condition and prescribe you medicines. 


When can be medicines prescribed online?

An online doctor may prescribe your medicines online if the doctor:


  • Knows your medical history
  • Has a treatment relationship with you
  • Has access to your current medical records


The doctor available online will ask you to meet all these conditions to provide you with correct diagnosis treatment. It is not allowed for them to prescribe you medicines only based on an online questionnaire.


Say “NO” to pharmacies who don’t ask for a prescription letter


Lookup the medicine you want to purchase at an online pharmacy and check whether a medicine is available only on prescription. if any online pharmacy does not ask for the prescription, there may be chances of some scam against you. Prescription medicines that your doctor prescribes you are always safe.

Here are a few tips that can help you to protect yourself when you buy medicines online


  • A safe website should have a physical location and licensed by the State Board of Pharmacy where the website is operating. 
  • They have a licensed pharmacist to answer your questions. 
  • They require a prescription from your doctor or other healthcare professionals who are licensed in India to write prescriptions for medicine. 
  • Require a prescription from your doctor or other healthcare professional to write prescriptions for medicine.

Be sure your privacy is protected 

  • Look for privacy and security policies that are easy-to-find and easy-to-understand. 
  • Do not give any personal information unless you are sure the website will keep your information safe and private. 
  • Make sure the website will not sell your personal information.


It is always safe to buy medicines online as procuring these medicines online is considered to be the best available option for many reasons. By getting your medicines online, one can save more time, money, and energy. Many people find it as comfortable as it is the easiest way to get the medicines delivered at their doorstep. Elders or people who can not go outside also find it as the best option as they do not worry about going out to their local pharmacy to get their medicines. They can easily order their medicines from the comfort of the home. 


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